This Montage Is Destiny, Warts And All

Destiny has had an interesting first year. I really can't think of a better way to describe it. Not bad. Not good. Interesting. I feel like this montage does a fantastic job representing the good, the bad and the ugly of this year's most talked about game.

When Destiny was first released I knew we'd be complaining about it years to come. Because regardless of whether its meta-game is broken — regardless of the balance or the content — Jesus H. Christ is it ever fun to just shoot things. In a lot of ways Bungie is super lucky they got that aspect so downpat.

Anyway, this montage. It's a lot of fun. Well edited. Funny. Good timing. Picks on Destiny's flaws but also celebrates what makes it so much fun on a fundamental level.



    Gonna take a swing in the dark here and assume that most of the comments from here on out will, for the most part, be variations of 'people still play this?!' or 'how dare they charge what they want for a product they've produced?!' because inflated self entitlement and all that jazz.

    Personally looking forward to Taken King now that I've got a decent group to run the Raids and PoE with.

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      2 for 1 so far - siding with you, that is!

      I think the silent majority on Destiny is pretty huge. There are a lot of players who are happy to just get into the game, rather than getting into social media/forums/threads about the game.

    I have a mostly love it, partially hate it relationship with Destiny. I don't think I've ever had that with any game before.

    Case in point, playing PoE lvl 32 the other night. We breeze through the first three rounds before the fourth has us in a fit, killing the team over and over. Finally, after I think about 12-13 attempts we make the breakthrough and clean up. The relief in getting over that, which I was told was the hardest part of the run for the week, was as clear as day (maybe not as big as, say, beating a Raid, but rather close).

    All that was left now was the boss, a seemingly easy task by all accounts. But having survived up to that point, having finally wiped out round 4, what does Destiny do? It kicks me out. Right back to the opening title screen.

    Insert Rage here.

    What's worse, since the final round has already begun, Destiny won't let me back into the Fireteam. Safe to say, I called it and shut off the Xbone for the night.

    Was I upset? Of course! Getting all that way only for the game to quit on me for no clear reason, that's infuriating. But, in what's become a trend of late in my time with Destiny, I followed up my frustration with 'That's it, I'm done ... until Taken King', like a dog burying a bone once he's had enough, only to dig it up a few days later to rediscover the magic.

      Definitely a communication failing on Bungie's part, but (a) PoE challenge mode Bosses can't be joined directly, likely to prevent swapping people in when the boss is at low health; and (b) if your buddies had wiped on the boss, there's a period of about 5-10 seconds (-ish - not sure how long exactly, but it's long enough) where fireteam joining is re-enabled, so you could have rejoined them.

      And, trying to not be a dick here, but if something seems incredibly stupid, it's likely you're not the only one experiencing it, so look for relevant complaints - someone might have a solution. The first search result for "cannot rejoin prison of elders boss" will give you this information.

      Of course this all means nothing to the poor guys I knew who got to Skolas after an hour and a half, wiped a couple of times on him, then all three got booted to the title screen, leaving no-one left in the instance to rejoin.

        Yeah there's thankfully always a solution in some way or form. That's good info to know in case it happens again though, thanks for that! I think in my case it was a frustration overload and just took it as a time to call it a night and try again another day. But yeah, I feel for those who go through Raids and come across the same problem.

      I know the joining pain all too well- but at least on Playstation you can get around it! What you have to do is get invited to play the game by your friend already in the game, and you accept the invitation and join after they've died but before the Warden starts talking. The game doesn't lock you out of fireteam joining during that brief load screen. I've done it a couple of times now so can confirm it works on Playstation, I don't see why it wouldn't work on Xbox since I'm pretty sure it has the xbox dashboard level "join my game" invitation system too right?

      So basically-

      1) Your friends send you a system-level invite (DON'T accept yet)
      2) Friends die, tell you they've died
      3) Accept the invite as soon as you know they're dead

      Good luck if you need to use it in the future!

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        We did try the invite system on xbone but I think our timing was wrong. Ah well.

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    Glad I put it away for the last while. Massive time sink. Definately a great concept. Brilliant if you play in a group, harder as a oldie with no friends!

    The video would have been better showing a player just wandering around earth resource farming. That was the first six months for me. Then strange coins. Grind, grind, grind.

    Would I recommend it to a new player? Hard to know. Really takes 100 hours to tell.

    Fix the match making for the raids and I would be back. Also the bullet sponge bosses. That what killed it for me, no skill just stats.

    I got so utterly bored with Destiny that one day I just put it down and never played again.

    On a sidenote, my brother got shot into the stratosphere because got shield-bashed while standing next to a wall. F***ing brilliant.

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