This Star Wars Trailer Shows A Couple Of New Details

I have been watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers pretty closely, and I think this new teaser — released on Star Wars Korea's YouTube page of all places — shows some new details.

Mainly, it shows The First Order in all it's glory. It looks amazing.

This post, on the official Star Wars Facebook page would seem to confirm this is a new shot.

The rest is a different edit of shots we've already seen. But still — that opening shot. I AM EXCITED.


    YESSSSSSSS. So hype. So much hype.

      I am happily aboard this hype train, I have a lot of faith that this will be a great star wars movie! :)

      Toot toot! I'm completely aboard the hype train too.

    The opening shot kinda looks like Alderaan. Can't be though =)

      Looks more like HOTH.

      I think you mean Hoth :)

        I mean, obviously it's not Alderaan, but it has an Alderaan mountain ranges feel to it. Hoth is more likely, for obvious reasons =) Do we know officially where it is at the moment?

    Told myself I wouldn't watch any more trailers.

    Saw this on twitter. Immediately watched. Can't hold me.

    What new details apart from the first opening second shot? You say there are new details yet you only list one? Sorry to say Serrels but after this post I think I've lostall sense of admiration I had for you and Kotaku AU innbeing different but nope. You're just clogging up Facebook now with soammy poats that's barely have any work out into them.

    I don't want to buy into the hype, in case it is a terrible film. But God, it looks SO GOOD!

    I haven't watched it. I'm not watching anything else teaser trailer or cinematic trailer before I see the film on opening night with the missus (also huge Wars fan)

      I wish I was that brave, but I've been trying to consume as much as possible to raise my interest levels. This one has finally done that.

      Last edited 11/08/15 3:15 pm

      I've been trying that for years, and for most movies it's worked. But this one - I don't think I can do that... :-/ I'm avoiding all the spoilers posts and guesses etc, but just seeing the trailers has me all giddy.

    It wasn't until this TV spot that my interest in the film appeared. Up until this moment, I've been pretty blah on it.

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