This Week In Games: METAL GEAR?

Oh wow. It's here. It's finally here!

It's been far too long between Metal Gears. I am ready for this. I am so ready.

This week is probably the biggest week in games so far this year. Metal Gear Solid 5 leads the pack, but chasing up the rear is Armello and Mad Max. A good week for games, a bad week for your wallet.

Act of Aggression (PC)

What is it? A kinda high budget, high production values Command & Conquer style RTS. Should you care? For folks that want that C&C feeling back.

Armello (PC)

What is it? Hey Armello is out this week! This is an Australian made, super good looking RPG with board game mechanics. Should you care? Well worth checking out. Looks fantastic.

Disney Infinity 3.0 (Xbox One/PS4/360/PS3/Wii U)

What is it? It's the Disney attempt to get that Skylanders money, mark three. Should you care? Apparently this is pretty good and polished. The ship has sailed for me, but your mileage may vary.


What is it? A brutally difficult platformer that looks fun. Should you care? For fans of Super Meat Boy. It's that kind of thing.

Mad Max (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's the Mad Max game that looks quite good. Should you care? There's a feeling it's gonna get lost in the Metal Gear hype, but this will still find a big audience I think.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? Oh man, I am excited about this. It's possibly the last Metal Gear Solid game, very likely the last Hideo Kojima directed Metal Gear Solid game. Should you care? Absolutely. All signs point to (bizarre) greatness.

Rememoried (PC)

What is it? "[A] virtual place where memories change to dreams and the only possible way is forgetting, which becomes a mechanism for proceeding to the next layer of dreams." Alrighty then. Should you care? This looks weird enough to be interesting. In motion it's actually amazing.


What is it? An isometric point and click horror game that looks sort of spectacular. Man the voice acting seems good. Should you care? Man, I think I have to play this now. Looks incredible.

Trigonarium (PC)

What is it? A twin-stick shooter with some pumping beats. Should you care? You are spoiled for choice in this genre, but it looks good.

Did we miss anything? What are you picking up this week?


    Keen to give Mad Max a go as I'm not really about Metal Gear. Only played through MGS 1 and 2.

    Tried Ground Zero but me and stealth generally don't get along.

      First try for me, "hmmmm barrels, I wonder BAM". From there it descended into a rapid loss of my life as every soldier within koo-ee came and took a shot at me.

    I've decided to get this when it's on the cheap or via the maybe get it secondhand next year sometime

    Metal Gear?!


      Waiting to see if Metal Gar runs well on the previous gen.

        One guy I follow on twitter is getting it on 360, but beyond that I haven't heard. GZ ran very well on PS3

    The pain of buying it on PC is... can't preload yet. ARRRRRGGGGghhhhhhh~

      Also unlocks a day late on steam.

        I heard that everyone gets it when it unlocks in NZ, which would be 10pm in Sydney

        EDIT: Just realised that Konami changed the alleged release time. That sucks.

        Last edited 31/08/15 2:18 pm

          Since done some research and it appears to unlock at 2pm tomorrow (tuesday).

          The timer on steam is allegedly the pre-order grace period for getting pre-order bonuses.

    Also out this week:
    Super Time Force Ultra - PS4/Vita
    Xeodrifter - PS4/Vita
    Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls gets a digital release on Vita
    Broken Sword 5: Serpent's curse - XBone/PS4
    Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence - PS4/3

    After 5-6 weeks, Konami says they still don't know when Suikoden III will be out in AU/NZ territories.
    Curses'n'Chaos is still awaiting an EU release date so it might be this week, or maybe another.

    Last edited 31/08/15 10:10 am

      Came in to read this - you dont disappoint every week @Casual Prolix - thanks man :)

    Damn Witcher 3 just won't end, so MGS 5 will have to wait a while.

    The hard part is going to be avoiding spoilers until I do finally get around to it...

      yeah me too, Witcher 3 is a never ending rabbit hole... I'll still pick up MGS from Target for $69 tomorrow though

        $69????? Thanks! You are my hero!

        Also still chugging away at Witcher 3 but will buy tomorrow.

        Last edited 31/08/15 1:49 pm

          It's listed in the catalogue for Target, hope they don't disappoint!

            It's definitely $69. I had a flick through their father's day catalogue on the weekend and there it was.

      Yeah, I I don't how many open world sandboxes I can fit in a year anymore. Witcher is taking AGES.

        Yeah, to be honest I'm starting to go right off that kind of game. Which is a problem because these days it seems like every game wants to be that kind of game. I'm pretty keen on a few games coming out soon - MGS5, Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, etc. But they're all these open world things that I just know are going to demand 40 or 60 (or, in the case of Fallout 4, 200) hours of my time each. It's the same reason I haven't bought GTA5 yet or Shadow of Mordor or Arkham Knight. I finally got around to trying the demo of Dying Light on the weekend. I liked it, thought it was a bit of fun. But once I get out there in that open world and start seeing the icons popping up on that minimap, it's like I can just see the dozens of hours of my life that it's going to want to soak up and I just can't bring myself to buy it.

        It's not that I don't like this kind of game - hell, I wouldn't be putting dozens/hundreds of hours into the ones I've got if I didn't enjoy them. It's just the amount of time they take up means that for every one I buy, I'm missing out on playing 3 other games I might like because I just don't have the time to play them.

        After I finish The Witcher 3 I think I'm just going to play a few nice, linear, 8-12 hour games (if there even are any of those any more?) that I can play through in a week or two and enjoy and then leave behind.

          Ha! Exactly. It's what the kids are asking for these days, and I've enjoyed them since, like, Jak & Daxter 2... only now I have a LIFE.

          Ironically, my next three big games are Arkham Knight (which I already bought, months ago), Phantom Pain and Fallout 4... And I still haven't finished GTAV!

          Shadow of Mordor was really good though. Well worth a cheap buy :-)

    Of course it's the last Metal Gear. You really think Konami is going to do it justice? Next year they're going to announce the Metal Gear pachinko machine and that will be that.

    There is only one person on earth that can tear me away from Rocket League, and that person is KOJIMA!

    Oh man I can't wait to get stuck in to MGSV.

      MGSV is going to pull me away from MGS: Peace Walker. I really thought I could have powered through that in less than a week.

        I'm not sure why I'm so excited, apart from hiring the original Metal Gear on the NES as a kid, the only other MG games I've played are MGS4 on the PS3 and Ground Zeroes on PS4. After seeing all the previews and playing GZ, it just looks to be the perfect game for me (even though the story does my head in). I think it's going to keep me entertained for a looooong time.

          I highly recommend playing the older games, but if not keen then at least play MGS3, of the entire MGS series my favourite and many people's is MGS3, also it's the First Game Chronologically, so technically if you do want to play through all games then play MGS3 then PW, GZ, 5, 1, 2, 4... Peace Walker explains who the characters from GZ.

          Anyway up to you, but yeah I would highly reccommend if you wanna play just one other MGS play 3 (and if one last one, MGS1 just to get the whole Solid Snake stuff, the ones you can sorta skip are MGS2, PW and GZ, Acid 1 and 2 are not related at all, they are basically a What if...?)

            Thanks for that, I'll have to look into it. I'm sure I'll be eager to learn more once I dive into V.

              I was actually worried about MGSV, was gonna not play it, but then found out it's Big Boss so was excited, my biggest fear is they will do a storyline AFTER MGS4 which would be a travesty in my opinion.

              (Also Acid 1 and 2 are unrelated, I reread what I posted and it might have seemed that MGS2, PW and GZ but they are completely related. Acid was done as a spin off What if...? developed just for the PSP, so yeah, it's why it isn't packaged in any the MGS Anthologies. Also they are Battle Card Games so outside of Japan they were hated with a passion, for me I didn't mind them, but yeah, was really really weird, you had to get a card to equip items then find the card that had the right ammo so you can fire it, so yeah, you had to be really, really, really patient... and from Japan where they like Card Based games)

    You forgot Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PC, 360, PS3.

      I was going to ask about this - Phantom Pain is coming out this week on the 360 as well?

    Played MGS1 and 2 but after the one on the PS3 with the 40+min cut scenes that's where we parted ways

    Super excited for Mad Max

    I must be one of the only people not really excited for MGS5... i'll probably get it, but it's a series that I've kinda let slip by for some reason... not a huge stealth game guy I guess but the wackiness intrigues me... honestly i'd be more excited for a metal gear rising sequel lol

    I have tried 2 or 3 times very recently to play the early MGS games and couldn't get into it... I did "finish" ground zeros last week, so I guess I'm ready? haha

    on another note i'm looking forward to mad max... everything I've seen has made me think of rage, just cause and tiny bits of borderlands crazyness... all that adds up to something i'll enjoy!

    This would be a timely opportunity for me to try out Ground Zeroes since my wife started Evil Within last night (we bought it months ago and it was still in the shrinkwrapping!), and see if Phantom Pain might be up my alley.

    Armello also out on PS4, iOS, Android, OSX apparently.

    Guess what I'll be doing in 13 hours and 3 minutes. =P

      Edit: oops didn't mean to reply.

      Last edited 31/08/15 11:14 am

    Steam says for Metal Gear "This game will unlock in approximately 1 day and 16 hours" as of 11am AET. SAD FACE.
    I got Mad Max from Green Man Gaming for $35 (before AUD conversion). Preloaded and ready to go.

    Last edited 31/08/15 11:04 am

      Yep so I can't even start downloading it until Wednesday after work :(
      And then being about 30GB... Can't play until Thursday!

        Konami has tweeted it will release at what converts to 2pm on the 1st.

          Ahhh. Apparently that countdown is the "preorder bonus window". After that expires, no special shield or camo. KEEN !

    Can barely function due to Metal Gear excitement.


    PSA for anyone hyped for the PC version of MGS:V,

    The unlock time is now 2pm on Tuesday (apparently) and there's no pre-load. So with Aussie internet most of us won't be playing till Wednesday.

    But it's still better than the original PC release date of the 15th.

      I am one of the lucky few on NBN. So I can crush 30GB in less than 1 hour.

        "You're pretty good"

        NBN here too

        I get over my advertised speeds to.

        13.8mb/s downloads is pretty great

          I take it that is megabytes per second and not megabits per second?
          I get 19mb/s on shitty ADSL2

            my advertised speed is 100megabits down and 40 up. So i tend to hit 12-13megabytes a second downloads.

    Super keen for Mad Max and MGSV. I backed Statis, so obviously keen on that too :) Things are heating up...and the back-log is getting more back-logier :_P

    Getting MGSV but it's being co-opted as a Father's Day present so I'll have to wait a few days extra

    Also for pete's sake everyone price-match with Target don't pay the inflated prices pushed by EB and JB

      *not inflated - recommended retail.


    *falls on floor, spasming and drooling*

    What was that noise? I can't hear any other game releases this week over the sound of Metal Gear!

    Is there any point playing Ground Zeroes before MGS:PP besides fleshing out the backstory?

      I would. But I enjoy just about everything Metal Gear. Any youtube run through will give you all the story you need though.

      There's some story elements, and it does lead directly into the last thing Boss does before PP.

      That said, Ground Zeroes was mainly great to play to see the potential and direction of where PP is heading and how it differs from previous entries.
      Not only that, but Ground Zeroes has a save game transfer option that will unlock some stuff in PP if you do certain things. (Aka, you will get a couple of unique mother base characters ect)

    [opens & looks into wallet] I'm not ready :(

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