This Week In Games: SMITE Comes To The Xbox One

Well, it's another bit of a duff week for major releases. I guess we're gonna have to wait until September for things to really kick off. But that doesn't mean we can't delve into a world of weirdness on Steam.

Also — SMITE is coming to Xbox One this week.

City Quest (PC)

What is it? A retro-styled point-and-click adventure. Looks unreal. Should you care? I like the look of this. Check it out.


What is it? Non-linear, non-combat based first-person puzzler. Looks really good. Should you care? Visually gorgeous. This has come out of nowhere for me.

DiscStorm (PC)

What is it? A four-player arena combat game with frisbees. Should you care? Looks okay. These same-screen multiplayer games are starting to get a bit over-exposed.


What is it? Oh, okay. I guess this is coming out on PC this week. Should you care? Well, it's an old handheld game. But it works well. Fans of the series and all that nonsense.

Relic Hunters Zero (PC)

What is it? A free top-down, open source shoot 'em up thing. Should you care? Looks like a lot of fun actually. Check it out.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong (PC)

What is it? The latest game in that new Shadowrun series that people seem to like. Should you care? This series has been getting some seriously good reviews. No reason to see how this would represent a dip in quality.

SMITE (Xbox One)

What is it?The third-person MOBA makes it to console. Super accessible and a little bit different. Should you care? Probably the best suited of the major MOBAs to come to console. Curious to see if this takes off.

The Settlers Online (PC)

What is it? A free-to-play game based on The Settlers formula. Should you care? Well, I'm sure it's pretty good. But might not really be up our alley.

Velocity 2X (PC)

What is it? This has been on PS4 for a while, now making its debut on PC. It's a twitch-shooter-turned-platformer hybrid. Should you care? This game is great. I fully recommend it. Very slick. Fun for those who like the whole high score thing.

Viridi (PC)

What is it? Man, this is a plant growing simulator. Sound boring, but looks fantastic. Should you care? I think this is less of a game and more of a relaxing distraction. I love the concept.

Volume (PC)

What is it? A really slick looking stealth game from the creator of Thomas Was Alone. Should you care? I love stealth, this looks really smooth and interesting.

Did I miss anything? What are you picking up this week?


    The following should also be coming out on PSN this week:
    Curses 'n' Chaos (PS4/Vita)
    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 (Vita)
    Tales From the Borderlands Ep 4 (PS4/3)
    Volume (Vita)
    Zombi (PS4)

    Konami have also started chasing down why Suikoden III isn't out on the AU/NZ stores (should have been last week) so fingers crossed for this week being The Week.

    Edit: Oh and Freedom Planet should be out on Wii U this week too.
    Edit Deux: Phantom Breaker Battleground Overdrive just dropped onto PSN for PS4 today.

    Last edited 17/08/15 10:06 am

      Ah, I only log into these "This Week" threads to read your comments, since you are the only one who actually seems to know whats coming out this week on all systems, rather than just simply going to Steam and clicking the "whats coming this week" feature (assuming there is one)

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

        I agree, the 'This Week In Games' has been quite sloppy in recent times. I wish Kotaku would do it properly.

        I really only pay attention to what's coming out on PSN, although I take note of upcoming Wii U and 3DS releases of interest to me too. Having started noting these things down I kind of understand why Mark misses a lot of them. Not everything gets reported on news sites or in the PSN blogs, and those that do are at the whims of classification boards, QA delays and region restrictions so it's really easy to miss something or get it wrong.

      ZombiU becomes Zombi?

      Heh, never even occurred to me that change would need to be made. I mean it's obvious why, I just never maid the connection until I saw it written lol

    Oh cool, zombi is coming out already? Thoroughly excellent game for a first go by Ubisoft (their sequels are always the one to go for), and critically under appreciated.

    It should still be good fun, but it did a lot of neat stuff with the gamepad.

    I hope the passive multiplayer makes it across, too.

    I'm hanging out for devil's third next week.

    Last edited 17/08/15 10:15 am

      Pretty sure it's the same game, just on "better" hardware? Could be wrong but that's been my understanding.

    Call of Duty Black Ops III Beta is available this week. I am always keen for a Beta. Especially for he first COD to come out of the new 3 year dev cycle.

    Smite's been out for months on xbone already, perhaps in open beta but with no time limitations?

      Yeah I've had it on my console for weeks and it wasn't an invite only thing.

      I think that Velocity 2X is out on cone this week too also I noticed the new Toy Soldiers game is out

      Also agree, Ive had Smite sitting there for months havnt played since first days... And no beta or anything

      So its Deffs already out. at least 2 months

    Yes Mark you missed Steins;Gate - it is out this week on Vita and PS3

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