Time Clickers Has A New Way To Make You Waste Even More Time

Thousands of people are already wasting their time in Time Clickers. Now there's a new way it will assimilate your life.

It's called Idle Mode, something I assumed most people turned on in their brains automatically when playing this. "It's now easier to keep Time Clickers running in the background while you do other things like play Counter-Strike or Dota 2," the developers say.

When Idle Mode is turned on you can automatically aim wherever your Pulse Pistol teammate is firing, collect time cubes and gold, damaging a targeted block and — best of all — you can toggle Idle Mode on and off.

I'm not joking. That's written down in the announcement. One of the features of turning Idle Mode on is that you can turn it off again.

I will use fibre of my being to stay away from this game. I don't want to know what happens if I go in deep. I may never return.


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