Tips On How To Defend In Rocket League

A typical Rocket League tends to involve six cars chasing a ball like headless chickens, but the good teams? They know how to defend, how to position themselves correctly, and how to take advantage of mistakes.

This guide, which focuses on goalkeeping and defending is a great way to up your game in that department. I AM LEARNING A LOT.

If you play a lot of Rocket League you may already have picked some of this up. Some things I was across, others I wasn't. For example, I never sit inside the goal. Never. I was always about guarding the sides and trying to interrupt play, but this would cause me to frequently get caught in cross ball situations.

Turns out sitting inside the goal can be super helpful. Other helpful tips: play through all of the tutorials — not just the initial two. I hadn't bothered to do that. WHAT A NOOB.

This YouTube channel, in general, is a great resource if you want to get better at Rocket League. Defending and goal keeping was a bit of a weakness of mine. Can't wait to get home and try some of this out.


    Grummms Defence tips for RL:

    Don't play with Grummm. He sucks. He does have a good time though!

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    Here's a hot tip on Rocket League defending:

    End of the news cycle eh... ;)

    Good thing I love soaking up every bit of rocket league content you put out ;P

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