Tonight’s Xbox One Update Is Preparation For The New UI

Tonight’s Xbox One Update Is Preparation For The New UI

Tonight’s update is pretty minor, although there is one addition.

There’s an update coming to your Xbox One tonight, according to the latest Tweet from Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb. “No major features but includes small fixes to party chat,” Hryb wrote.

He added that the update was preparation for the release of the console’s new user interface, which is due out later this year. The XB1 is due to get support for DirectX 12 in its next major software patch, Phil Spencer has said. The UI is also designed to make the XB1’s interface more user-friendly.

Spencer said earlier this week that the Xbox One Preview Program would get the Windows 10 update in September, meaning that the full patch will probably be rolled out in either October or November.


  • As long as it doesn’t happen in the middle of Trials of Osiris like it did last time lol

  • Been really digging my Xbox One. PS4 is gathering dust since Windows 10 released.

    Being able to game on the couch, then seamlessly stream it to my laptop when the couch is taken over for TV is a real boon. The PS4 had this first obviously, but the size advantage of PC/Laptop screens is significant over Smartphone/Tablet.

    • Microsoft are very good at software and I think a lot of XB1 owners have been expecting the console to improve substantially as it ages.

      It’ll be really interesting to see what the combo of Windows 10/DirectX 12 does for the console. The DX12 numbers I’m seeing just for PC look super intriguing already.

  • thank god – as someone who’s recently sold his PS4 to fund the purchase of an Xbone, holy shit, the UI on this thing is fucking awful.

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