Trine 3 Leaves Early Access This Week And Deserves Your Attention

Trine 3 Leaves Early Access This Week And Deserves Your Attention

This week isn’t the biggest when it comes to major releases, which is all the more reason you should be paying attention to Trine 3.

When everyone talks about indie platformers, often you’ll hear games like Braid or Limbo get mentioned. If the discussion includes roguelikes then Spelunky generally dominates discussion for a little while.

Trine — and the whole series — doesn’t get talked about quite as much as it should, even though the game is almost universally loved. I can’t remember any critic who was particularly negative on the game, and the general public is pretty warm on the series too.

Trine 2, for instance, has a 97% user rating on Steam from 10,367 reviews at the time of writing. The Enchanted edition of the original Trine has a 96% rating from 5,184 reviews.

The Trine series is pretty damn good. So it goes without saying that some attention should probably be paid to the fact that Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, which looks utterly gorgeous in its own right, is coming out of Early Access later this week.

Trine 3 will be Frozenbyte’s “first move towards 3D gameplay” in the series, a move that was part of the original motivation for launching through Early Access.

The game is currently available for US$20 and the price will jump up by a couple of dollars once the game launches in a few days. Like the previous games, it supports local co-op and is largely focused on using the abilities of the three heroes (Zoya, Pontius and Amadeus) as they try to repair the damage their folly has created.

If you missed it before, check out one of the trailers below. It’s really, really pretty, and if you’ve been looking for some relaxing co-op action or happen to have finished a platformer recently (as I did this weekend with Child of Light) then Trine 3 is probably worth a look.


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