Truly Awful-Sounding Tokyo Curry 

Truly Awful-Sounding Tokyo Curry

This is newly opened Curry Shop Shimizu. The establishment's signature dish is served up in a squat toilet-shaped plate for good reason.

According to the restaurant, the "unko curry" (poop curry) is made from "exceedingly healthy ingredients," such as green tea, goya, and cocoa powder. The result is "awful-tasting curry."

It's not actually made from poop (THANK GOODNESS) and I sadly cannot confirm what poo tastes like (THANK GOODNESS), but the shop's owner, porn star Shimiken, famously (infamously?) got his start eating poo in an adult movie. So, if there is anyone who knows what that tastes like, it's him!

Truly Awful-Sounding Tokyo Curry

[Photo: Curry Shop Shimizu]

Japanese site NariNari (via My Game News Flash) called this "shocking" eatery a "first for mankind." If someone ever asks you how far we've come as humans, please point to this.

But would anyone actually want to go to a poop curry specialty restaurant? Not me, that's for sure. And I'm not alone: NariNari published a poll which put the question to 400 men and women in their 20s and 30s. According to the results 85.5 per cent did not want to go (with 75 per cent saying they "definitely" did not want to go). Only 5.7 per cent "totally" wanted to go, while 8.8 per cent said they wanted to go one time. Those who wanted to go seemed more interested in the novelty of the whole thing.

Truly Awful-Sounding Tokyo Curry

[Photo: Curry Shop Shimizu]

Those who do venture into the restaurant and finish the largest order of dookie curry get a special sticker. So clean your plate and wear your sticker with pride. You'll have earned it.

Top photo: Curry Shop Shimizu


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