Twitch Goes Too Far, Tries To Play Dark Souls

Twitch Goes Too Far, Tries To Play Dark Souls

Twitch famously played through Pokemon. That was incredible. But it’s given them false confidence. The hive mind has grown drunk on power.

They think they can beat Dark Souls. They can’t. Surely they can’t. They’ve gone too far this time.

But holy hell, they’re going to try. Seriously, if they can get past the first boss I’ll be absolutely amazed.

I’ve been watching it for the last 15 minutes or so. They accidentally went into the settings and got lost. That was awkward. Now they’re trying to create a character. His name is ‘otwasd’.

Okay, it looks like they’ve accidentally chosen the cleric class. Oh dear.

This is unmissable. This is must see TV. Can’t wait to see how it plays out. It’s not possible. They’re struggling with the menu. How in the hell are they gonna beat Ornstein & Smough?


  • “How in the hell are they gonna beat Ornstein & Smough?”

    More like “How in the hell are they gonna get to Ornstein & Smough?”

    • I never found O&S particularly difficult I beat them my 4th or 5th try. Now the 4 Kings, that is what made me rage-quit Dark Souls for 6 months.

      • O&S was tougher than 4 kings for me until NG+, the 4 Kings are almost impossible in NG+ without summoning someone for Jolly Cooperation.

    • I seriously do not want to see the human testing stage of ‘twitch cures cancer’.

  • It might be possible when most people have given up and there are only a few people entering in commands.

    But right now… i just can’t see it happening haha.

    • that. that’s how they beat Metal Gear on NES. If that doesn’t work then they will change the settings with pokemon’s anarchy-democracy style or something similar.

  • LOL, it looks like some trolls have used the settings to change the keybinds to keys not covered by the chat bot?

  • If they only have a couple of peeps inputting, they might make it out of the asylum.
    If it’s a true twitch collective? Nope.

  • How does something like this even work?
    Everyone connected has control at the same time and the ‘majority’ of commands make it to the game?

    • that is how the democracy mode worked in TPP, they majority command would be entered every few seconds. the other mode, anarchy, is the idea that there is a many fingered beast bashing the keyboard and whatever key press is parsed at the time the next input can be recorded will be what is selected

  • I’m enjoying this because it’s the first time I’ve ever seen someone play DS worse than me.

  • When they reach Sen’s Funhouse, I’m going to be watching with a bag of popcorn at the hilarity.

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