Twitch Playing Dark Souls Is... Not Going Very Well

So we don't get on the wrong foot — Twitch Plays Dark Souls is an incredible venture that I fully support. It's madness. I don't think it can be done, but goddammit I respect them.

With that being said, I think we have to be honest here. It's not going well.

Team Twitch appear to be stuck in the Undead Asylum and, from what I can tell, having a pretty hard time. At this moment in time Twitch seems to having a real tough time with a hallway.

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Good luck team. I wish you well. I will watch your future with great interest.


    I could have told you that. Pokemon only works because it's based on a grid and menu selection system with automatic revival at a location upon failure.

      Pretty much this, I'd rather see stuff like twitch plays through the FF series

        Unless you alter the save system, you can't. When you die you go back to the main menu. Of course we'll create a new save file or delete the first one.

        You need an RPG that that has a similar function like Breath of Fire or Dragon Quest.

    It's like a car crash... I can't look away

      I keep checking in. It's weirdly compelling.

        Yeah thanks Mark, its not like I don't have enough distractions already to keep me from my work.

        Sorry I think that sounded sarcastic.... it should have said "thanks mark, I needed another distraction from work".

        all better now thanks.

      Exactly... i just watched it for 10minutes and watched the guy running into a wall the whole time lol and now i'm going back for more!

      Last edited 17/08/15 5:02 pm

        Still running into that wall...

          Came bac kto see what was going on now... looks like they've found a new wall! Although is hard to tell, looks very similar to the previous wall haha

    I watched a good 30 minutes of them attempting to climb a ladder. They finally made it. It was glorious. Then they rolled off and landed back in the pit again. The term painful would be an understatement.

    watched about half an hour on Friday when Mark first posted about it. Was laughing my ass of at everyone just trying to get out of the first cell (although looks like there were some trolls on there just spamming menu). They eventually made it out just to run/roll right back in there.

    good to see at least some progress has been made, although it depends on what you call progress.

    I was curious to see where it had gotten to yesterday so I watched it for a while. After half an hour of rolling into and attacking a corner, they finally turned around...
    And started rolling into and attacking a new corner.

    Last edited 17/08/15 3:21 pm

    Man, I hope they don't get to the Gargoyles and beat them. I gave up after about 20 tries. Yeah, I suck. I know. But hopefully I suck less than Twitch!

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