Vega Gets A Shirt In Street Fighter V

Vega Gets a Shirt in Street Fighter V

A few weeks ago, Street Fighter's Ken character got a new look. This time, it's Vega's turn. Goodbye, pectoral muscles. Hello, frilly pirate shirt.

You can see the newest look for the Spanish martial artist in the video above, where he's sparring against new character Necalli.


    What's the point? I know this is his SFV look by default, but new costumes will inventively be added in the future, thus Vega will strip off again to show all his hot muscles

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    Massive departure in terms of gameplay from previous versions of Vega, a host of new attacks, essentially a complete mechanical revamp, and all Kotaku cares about is a shirt. Boo.

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    Ok Capcom... You win... I'll buy a PS4


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