Video Game Argument Ends With Man Shot In Butt

Video Game Argument Ends With Man Shot In Butt

An argument over an unnamed video game turned violent in Columbus, Ohio, earlier this week when one of two men involved took out a gun and started shooting.

The pair had been playing a game together in the same room, but at around 10pm on Wednesday night things got heated, with 10TV reporting that 26-year-old Eugene Walker was shot four times. NBC4i say he was struck first in the shoulder, then the abdomen, then the forearm, and finally... in the "rear end".

Walker was able to leave the house on his own and call 911. Police are now searching for the suspect, a 19-year-old known only as "Nick".

The victim underwent surgery on Wednesday night, and Columbus police say he's expected to make a full recovery.


    So a couple of gamers got into an argument over videogames and one of them got butthurt.

    Sounds like the internet to me.

    Let's be honest. We all know the game was probably Clicker Heroes.

    "Ooooooooh, kicked your arse again Nick! POW! What are ya going to do about it huh Nick, you gonna cry?"

    Another Mario Kart related injury, I don't know how those Mario Bros. sleep at night.

    Not really "shot in the butt" when the poor guy was shot four times in total all over his body :-/

      To be fair though, that was indeed how it ended.

    Gun crime in America?! Since when?!?!

    I bet it was "The GTA's" they were playing.

    The lack of empathy and respect in the story reads like unspoken advice to teenagers about acceptable societal attitudes and opinions. The meta language and message is pretty poor. If butthurt was the clickbait and there was an insighful and humorous turn at the end then you could win audience and save your readers from the decayed society you media are responsible for bringing about by the destroying of decency, respect, and sense of moral standing. Gun culture is endemic and it's these attitudes that need to change for all to see. That way you cover the lot and don't push an inappropriate message out into your mindshare. Liftyourgame.

    Sigh... the expected results of the equation. Immature hot blooded idiot + readily available fire arms (as in the room) + video game = media hype. Was going to mention the non video game related crime this month....I don't advise googling it. People doing way worse things over way less

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