Want The Reaper From Mass Effect In GTA 5? There's A Mod For That

If you thought GTA 5 didn't have quite enough gravitas and you wanted to up the drama stakes a little, why not drop the Reaper ship from Mass Effect 3 right in the middle of the city?

It's a new mod that replaces the blimp model in GTA 5 with something a little more, well, apocalyptic.

Creator JJxORACLE is the user responsible and he warns that it's still in beta, with the model occasionally disappearing and proper collision detection yet to be implemented.

The description adds that the model's legs touch the ground while in transit, although it certainly looks mighty fine in the screenshots posted online.

It's a pretty good looking model — I wonder how it'd dovetail with the graphics mod that came out the other day. It also seems tailor made for the wing of the gaming community that loves downsampling and creating bullshots.


    I have a strange sense of deja vu... :) That last screenshot is AMAZING though.

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