Warren Spector Is PAX Australia’s Keynote Speaker

Warren Spector Is PAX Australia’s Keynote Speaker

In its first year PAX Australia got Ron Gilbert. Year two it was Pete Hines.

This year? The opening ‘storytime’ keynote at PAX Australia will be delivered by Warren Spector.

The same Warren Spector responsible for working on games like Deus Ex, System Shock, Thief: Deadly Shadows, Wing Commander, and Disney Epic Mickey.

That’s a pretty good coup.

The ‘storytime’ keynote typically opens PAX, and tends to be a memorable look through the history of video gaming’s greatest creators. In that context, you can expect Warren Spector’s talk to be a humdinger. He’s a great speaker, with a history of incredible genre-definig video games under his belt.

His keynote will take place at October 30.

Single day passes for PAX Australia are still available. You can find out more here.


  • Lines to get into things like the keynote can be pretty crazy – I know I was able to watch a VOD of the Ron Gilbert talk afterwards so I didn’t mind missing it.

    • It wasn’t too bad last year because you could go straight over to the main theater queue (assuming you arrived before PAX opened) and the Exhibition building theaters are much bigger. The Ron Gilbert one was just a mad dash if you weren’t at the front of the entrance queue lol.

  • Without an Acquisitions Inc. show it’s hard for me to have the willingness to make my way to Melbourne.

  • God damn PAX is going to be amazing! Had so much fun last year. Warren Spector as the opening speaking only adds to that.

  • Hope nobody sneaks up on him with a baseball bat while he’s trying to do his talk 😛

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