Watch A Rare 1999 Shenmue Documentary 

Watch A Rare 1999 Shenmue Documentary

Via Gamasutra, Shenmue Dojo have got hold of and uploaded a copy of a very old Shenmue documentary, released ahead of the first game's launch back in 1999.

It was included on the first Dreamcast Express, a demo disc available only to members of the Dreamcast Partners Club in Japan.

Even if you're not into Shenmue, it's still a fascinating little documentary, capturing almost perfectly that wonderful little moment in time when the Dreamcast was the latest hot stuff, and not a sad footnote.


    Trying hard to summon enough f--ks to give about Shenmue. Failing incredibly.

      Well, I'm actually planning to get it on the cheap (PC version of course) in the future, if and when someone puts it up for sale on gumtree

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