Watch Me Qualify For A Heroes Of Storm Rank

Watch Me Qualify For A Heroes Of Storm Rank

Last week, Heroes of the Storm reset its ranking system, meaning everyone playing has to go through 20 qualifying matches before receiving a new rank for the oncoming season. I'm about to begin my exciting journey to do just that. Join me, won't you?

You can watch the stream below:

Wish me luck!


    It's just my OCD, but please fix that title, it's Heroes of the Storm, not Heroes of Storm, at least you got it correct in your title so it was an actual mistake not just shoddy journalism. Good luck!

    Finding it a chore to get through 20 HL matches...... Last night was painful... 2 games with double warrior no heals (1 with an Abathur).... 1 with triple warrior and Tass....

    I started playing Heroes of the Storm this week. I am REALLY enjoying it but judging by my success rate (and some complaints) I appear to not be very good at it :/

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