We Have A Brand New Spelunky World Record

Yep another one. Another Spelunky world record bites the dust

But technically this is the big daddy.

A week ago we had a new 'Hell' speed run world record. Then 'Spelunky God' broke the more general speed run world record — the any% record.

Now Spelunky God has gone and set a brand new record, beating his old record by a significant six seconds. That's a big chunk of time when you're dealing with a speed runs.

The new world record time is 1:41.499.

As Patrick Klepek mentioned when reporting Spelunky God's initial record breaking run, he made a couple of mistakes, meaning that it was always pretty possible that the record would be re-broken fairly quickly.

The key here seems to be the use of the teleporter, which looks like a special type of insanity that my puny mortal brain cannot comprehend. Something we have to remember: Spelunky is hard. It's just hard to play in general, let alone speed run.

This is mesmerising to watch.


    Man, teleporter, jetpack AND compass in the first shop? That's not to discount the level of skill of the player, though. The number of times he teleported just above spikes and then teleported away again was chilling.

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