Well, This Is 22 Seconds Of New Mirror's Edge Footage

22 seconds. That's all you get.

This was posted on the Mirror's Edge Facebook page and then hastily taken down. Not before other folks managed to capture and... ahem, mirror the video.

It's a teaser for Gamescom. Apparently there is more to come. I certainly hope so, because 22 seconds isn't gonna cut it for me. I need more of this please.


    If it had been 24 seconds, I would have been hyped for this.

    22 seconds? Not interested.

    Software companies need to understand that they have to cater to my precise needs or they will go bankrupt and all of their staff will end up married to people they initially thought were quirky and fun, but now just find annoying and unbearable.

    "I see it. Something doesn't feel right."

    Seems apt. I'm a huge fan of the first Mirror's Edge but I'm just not sure about the sequel. They're saying the right things but until the game is in my hands, I'm reserving judgment.

    Edit: On reflection, there's only about 15 seconds of footage. Hooray for things.

    Last edited 04/08/15 9:51 am

      So many things to consider! Faith's voice seems different, older maybe, more jaded than in the first game? Could this be a flashback? Or is it just Faye Kingslee reacting to direction to make it darker (a la Human Revolution)? The voice in the earphones, Merc confirmed? Will Glenn Wrage return? Voice doesn't seem like his though... Who or what is Elysium? Music seems pretty Solar Fields-ish... what about Lisa Miskovsky? *wrings hands*

        Don't think Jules de Jongh returned to voice Faith this time. But yes, she does sound a little jaded. DICE did tweet out that old characters would return in new forms. The guy on comms sounds like Kreeg or maybe a form of Drake, but not as deep as Merc. Elysium, not sure what it could be. It has a green logo, and Robert Pope's offices in the original game were very green. As for music, what we've head in trailers so far sound like Solar Fields, but it's too suspenseful. They've changed a lot. I hope it's for the better good. I miss the feel of the original game.

    Yeah.. definitely only about 15 seconds.. and all but the last second was of them looking around... not exactly Mirror's Edge material..

    They've lost that highlighted red effect for runners areas...

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