We've Been Soldiers And Athletes. Time For A Structural Analyst

We've Been Soldiers And Athletes. Time For A Structural Analyst.

INFRA is a game about a town that's gone to the dogs. Its big employers have gone bust, and everything is breaking down. Enter you, a guy who will walk around and "survey some routine structural damage".

Sounds boring! But bear with me. I kinda like that premise: video games ask us to do a lot of fantastic things, but this seemingly mundane role doesn't just suit the style of game (first-person exploration), but also leaves room for it to get a little more gamey, as you use machines and the environment to solve puzzles as the place literally starts falling apart.

Having begun life as a mod, it's now running a crowd-funding campaign (but should be out in October regardless).

(via IndieGames)


    "Sounds boring!"

    No it doesn't. The premise has potential for good puzzles and and a bit of thinking.

    You know what it sounds less boring than? Running around as yet another strangely indestructible 'murican soldier slaying thousands of generic non-white terrorist types. Now THAT would be boring.

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