What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What are you playing this weekend? Same thing I play every weekend. Rocket League and Splatoon. Unless anyone’s got any other great suggestions.

Although it has to be said: I’ve been considering playing something else for a change. Something with single player elements for a change. I replayed Journey last weekend and I’m ready for more experiences that are a little more like that: the linear, single player type.

I’m hoping a couple of early review copies come in for me to check out.

I’m also hoping to head to Luna Park for the League of Legends OPL final. I know very little about League of Legends, but I’m keen to experience it in a live scenario.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    Fairy Fencer F

    Ark (my sea base needs turrets to keep away raiders) and rocket league.

    Witcher 3 has been on the slow burn for a while - just knocking of quests.
    Wolfenstein: The New Order I picked up a few weeks back in Dick Smith clearance for $15
    Dying Light grabbed from Harvey Norman for $45.
    and Rocket League

    Any combination of the above... Witcher and Rocket League will probably get first selections.

    Diablo 3 sitting unopened

      Holy crap at how many and varied the quests are in The Witcher 3 though! I've been playing it solidly since it came out at an average of about 2 hours per day, and I'm still only about half-way through the main quest. All those ambient quests, secondary quests, treasure hunts, contracts, question marks... my mind is just, can't... it's almost too much.

        Same. 130 hours and I'm level 17, have cool level 2 Griffin Armour waiting for me to level up, have a couple of kick-arse Gwent Decks... And am only partway through Novigrad :-)

        "All those ambient quests, secondary quests, treasure hunts, contracts, question marks... my mind is just, can't... it's almost too much."

        It is too much lol

        I honestly don't know how many hours I have played - is there a tracker? - but it feels like an age. I am honestly too scared to check how far I have progressed.

          I'm the same man, I haven't played in a week or so, but I was chipping away at it before that - but all those question marks!!! Too many questions, not enough answers *runs out the house naked, crying and laughing at the same time* :P

          There's a tracker which is notoriously buggy if you hit R2 in the menu (not the system menu) but apparently it counts time in a weird way, including when the game is suspended. It's showing something like 23 days for me at the moment, which is over 550 hours. I'm pretty sure I've only put in around 200-300 hours. If you are on Steam then using the Steam tracker is much more accurate.

            Ah ok - yeah my PS4 is always in suspend. Love being able to boot up and just have a quick run around.

      I recently got D3: Reaper of Souls at HN bargain bin. Its been ALL of what I have been playing recently. Its almost a complete different beast from launch Diablo3. Blizzard = turning a whole game around even tho they don't have to.

    The Witcher 3!

    EDIT: Gaming with kids = Tokyo Jungle, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, maybe getting my 7-year-old into some Zelda:ALBW (and me, 'cause I haven't played it yet).

    Still going strong on Persona Q :-)

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    Dragon Age: Inquisition to prepare for Descent. Probably some Diablo 3 and KOTOR 2.

    Cities: Skylines

    Where do I start? I just got it on sale.


    Give my your NNIDs, otherwise see you online.

      Cities: Water good, Electricity good, make sure your garbage is miles from your water supply/farming land and make sure your sewage outlet flows the right direction.

      I was playing a map based on the layout of Adelaide and had a huge population die-off by not realising the model of the Torrens river was flowing in part in the wrong direction.

        I was born there. I need a link to that, if you please!


          Start area is around Thebarton.

    LoL is the kinda game you will want to learn about before watching a tournament imo, otherwise you will be so lost.
    Speaking of, I'll probably be watching the International replays more than playing games myself.

    Hoping to finish off Lost Dimension, maybe get in to Alien Isolation & possibly finally play Munch's Oddyssey

    If I get time Rocket League otherwise LEGO Jurassic World

    Witcher 3 mostly. Might mess around in Marvel Lego Superheroes.

    Getting around to finishing Max Payne 3!

    It's a super long weekend for me so it's probably going to be a lot of Splatoon with some Disgaea 2 and Fire Emblem: Burning Sword. I'm thinking of checking out Galak-Z and Htol#NiQ too.

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    I'm very close to finishing off Assassin's Creed Rogue on PC, and Project Diva F 2nd on Vita. I'm not sure after that. I think the time has come to play through Peace Walker to get myself ready for MGSV

      How are you going on PDF2nd? Any favourite songs? What about DLC?

        I'm terrible at PDF2nd. I did okay with normal difficulty on the first and had some success with hard but in the sequel I'm still failing songs on normal from time to time.

        DLC songs are fun. I'd have to look at the songs to point out a favourite. Overall I prefer the set list for the original game.

        Got to get through all the songs on normal so I can put it rest before the 3DS game hits next month!

          Where are you getting Project Mirai DX from? EB Games said it isn't coming out in Australia so I am getting it from ozgameshop.

    I have a Warmachine tournament tomorrow. I have to finish painting my Anson Durst tonight before then. Hopefully the tournament will go better than the last one.

    Still playing MKX and Fire Emblem. I'm glad I stopped playing Planetside 2, while not a bad game the microtransactions really killed the sense of progression. But then I got back into FTL. Currently sitting on 3 ship variation victories.

    It's a toss up. Either I'll go for all Platinum medals in Blast Corps or just play Jet Force Gemini.

    OMFG SPLATOOOOON! The new weapons are fantastic, the net hats call to me, and I have 30 more levels to treadmill through.

    I've also been doing a "10k Challenge" where I get 10k points of turf covered with each weapon in the game. I'm learning to love weapons I'd never normally touch, and sometimes it's taking 8k points to finally "click".

    I went from 300 points and no kills per match with the squiffer to 700 points and being a total murderiser, but it took the full 10k to get there!

    It's all logged in my miiverse play journal (gotta use it for something, right?).

    There's also this pretty fantastic Splatoon web app by Nintendo: https://splatoon.nintendo.net/

    It tracks your stats, shows you what your friends are up to, and shows you the map rotations and the forecast!

    It's all in Japanese, but I just pretend it's squid.

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    I'm entering a game I've been developing in a competition this weekend, so I'll be testplaying the crap out of it up till the last moment! :P

    Got Mortal Kombat X from the recent PS4 Winter sale, so I'm gonna give the story mode a playthrough. For those that have played it, how does the story compare to MK9? I really enjoyed that one.

    And either start my second playthrough of Arkham Knight or some more Witcher 3.

      It's not as good as MK9's story to be honest, but it's enjoyable enough. I found I wasn't following the general storyline, and it's a bit of a mess really. Still a few highlights in there though (wait for D'Vorah's kiss).

        Yeh I really enjoyed in MK9 how they had throwbacks to the past games.

      The MKX story is way better than MK9, but it is shorter. On the plus side, it's more balanced without tag team (or eventually the double 3 team fight in MK9).

    I'm halfway through my first play of The Last of Us. So probably that. However, I like to play it without interruptions, so probably just more Rocket League. And I picked up Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition last night, so...

    Mostly, I'll be working my last shift at my current place of employment and preparing to start a new, games-based position at another location. So excited to be selling video games.

      Wooo! Do let us know where that might be (in due course) just in case we feel like buyin' what your sellin' :-)

      Tomb Raider is pretty sweet. I was never a huge fan of the series but that one is a really good game.

    Rising Thunder - just got into the alpha :D

    I'll probably also hunt down some more Riddler Trophies in Arkham Knight. Stupid Riddler...

    Rocket League, Starcraft 2, and maybe I'll get back into Splatoon.

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