What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've been playing Rocket League. A lot. And I'll probably play more Rocket League this weekend.

But I'll also be playing Until Dawn.

Man this year has been full of surprises. On some weird level I think Until Dawn is terrible. It has terrible dialogue mainly. It reminds me of terrible things — terrible movies, terrible shows, terrible video games. But on some level it is a homage to those terrible things, and on some level it is just so damn compelling.

I'm hoping to get it all wrapped up over the weekend.

What are you guys and girls playing?


    Trackwork on my train line this weekend, so I'm using it as an excuse not to go anywhere.

    Rocket League, Until Dawn and some Diablo 3 now that the new patch is out. Maybe some GTA Online for good measure.

    I'm going to put some time into MGS: Ground Zeroes, and Flame Over.

      Flame Over is pretty cool. I played it a bit and wouldn't mind getting back into it.

    At this point it looks like Xenoblade on the Wii U virtual console. I finished it on the Wii, but now I'm sucked back in.

    I finished Tales of Hearts R last night but rather than starting something new between now and MGSV I think I'll just get the Platinum Trophy for Hearts.

    My internet went down for most of the week, so I was playing bot matches of Dota 2.

    This weekend, I'm planning on getting into Dota 2 with real people again. Although I have to admit, the completely uncoordinated madness of bot games is a pretty good simulation of unranked play. Have triple the net worth of the entire opposing team and want to take high ground? Too bad because the only person on your team with a TP scroll just went to defend top lane against a single wave of creeps and the rest are off derping.

    Honestly, if they could program hard bots to spam all chat with "gg" every time they die and have them ping spam you every time you die, it'd be perfect.


    Might run through 3 or do some GZ stuff

    and probably Dragon Age

    I am playing Until Dawn whilst I intensely stare at the clock until it reaches 1st September... Metal Gear !

    I'm playing the MGSV waiting game. While I'm playing that, I'll slip in a little Rocket League and Borderlands 2

    The Witcher 3... still making progress at 300+ hours and counting!

      Better hurry up, that New Game + won't start itself.

        I'm actually getting less and less enthused about starting a new game. Let's say I finish my first playthrough at around 400 hours. Even if I do a NG+ at 100 hours, that's still a lot more time than I want to be spending when there are other games in my backlog that I want to play. Between The Witcher 3 and Persona Q (and Rocket League) I haven't played anything else apart from the odd bit of Miku for quite some time. I'm missing playing other games :-)

          That and Witcher 3 does not have a gameplay system where a NG+ is engaging like say the Souls game. W3 is adventure and story not mechanics that can be done over with higher difficulty that requires mastering from experience like souls.
          I think 300 hours is enough. Plus you gotta be ready for MGS V dude!

            Lol, I've got to finish MGS4 first (another game I got into before going balls deep in The Witcher 3). I've played about 10 hours of MGS4 so far, started getting too cocky, then got pissed off when I realised that the checkpoint system sucked :-P

          I agree. Over 200 hours. Running around Skellige. Level 22. I WILL complete it all... but would also like to start Arkham Knight, finish GTAV, etc. Game plus doesn't enthuse me at all.

      I just finished the story of The Witcher 3. I left some things out obviously. It got to a point where I thought the game only had 10 minutes or so left, and it went a WHOLE LOT longer (trying not to spoil anything).
      Now on to Bloodborne...

    So, yesterday, after almost 100 hours I unlocked all conversations in Fire Emblem: Awakening and finally finished the game. I thought yesterday was the best day to do it, considering it was my Player Avatars bornday.

    So, my DS time has moved back to Pokemon Y. Been sitting there since the 11th (I checked my previous save file date).

    Still playing MKX and FF14. I also decided to start playing MGS: Peace Walker on my 360 in preperation for MGS5. It's the only main MGS game I never played.

    Really want to keep writing up my script for my Halo 3 review but I need encouragement >:

    Until Dawn with my partner, but too jumpy to play it myself so will be cowering under a quilt.

      Just watch the Super Best Friends Play Let's Play.

    Bloodborne, still ....

      "You still have dreams?...tell the little doll I said 'hello'..."

        Reminiscent of Paleblood

      Me too, hopefully I can beat these Shadows of Yarnham berks

        Happy to co-op if you need help, ng or ng+?

    Some Hacknet, a lot of Diablo, some Rocksmith, and will probably play through Until Dawn.

    Hopefully the next match in RockeTAY league
    If we get some time likely some Hand of fate and/or Burial at Sea

    Witcher 3 still. Hopefully I'll have it all wrapped up before Christmas so I can play MGS5.

    I'd like to say Untill Dawn but probably need to work on my pile of shame before something new!

    Possibly some Freedom Wars with friends, but it will mostly be Disgaea and SAO Re: Hollow Fragment. I'm tempted to try and get through Nightmare and Nightmare+ in Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive too.

    Hammering Witcher 3 cause MGSV next Tuesday. Man too much goodness.

    Dont really want to fully get involved in anything before Metal Gear. Might casually play through Gears Ultimate, and defo a run through of Ground Zeros after watching the cutscenes from Peace Walker that have been turned into a 3 hour movie on youtube.

      I started Peace Walker last week and its so much fun building MSF. But i dont have enough time to finish it before tues... i dont want to skip a really good metal gear game but i might have to search for that 3hr movie!

        You've probably already found it, but its by Kefka Production. He has turned the whole Metal Gear Series into movies on his channel, and they are well done. I watched Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. I am watching Peace Walker tonight, and then a nice story run on Ground Zero's.

    Madden hopefully, Might even get some more time on the Wii U with Splatoon or Wii U fit. Weekends are hard now though as i am expected to go outside more and mingle with mini humans that call me dad.

    I'll be smashing Until Dawn so I'm done with before MGSV!

    So torn. I have Until Dawn and Helldivers. Both of which I've wanted for a long time. But I'm also close to hitting Platinum on GTA V. Do I persevere and get that trophy? Or do I enjoy these two new games until I put everything aside for MGS next week?

    Life is hard...

      *sigh* Damn GTAV Platinum and it's damn glitchy trophies "why!?!?!? WHY?"

        Ugh. You're right there. Bought the taxi company, never got a call. Missed the bail bond target objective, can't retry them. Worst.

        Putting it like that makes me realise I should have a break and play some new games. Thank you!!

    space engineers
    the candy crush
    then space engineers.

    space engineers
    the candy crush
    then space engineers.

    space engineers
    the candy crush
    then space engineers.
    crap its Monday already.

    Will continue playing Yoshi's Woolly World with my little girl, we're have fun with it, and continuing to hone my Smash 4 skills.

    I've also started on Bloodborne over the past day or two, so I'll be playing some of that over the weekend. Wish me luck.

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      You are going to have a good time with Bloodborne!

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