When Video Game Perspectives Are Strange

When Video Game Perspectives Are Strange

If you really think about it, the in-game camera often makes little to no sense.

This isn't true for every game (and generally, I think games have gotten way better), but Twitter user NSKEEEEE uploaded a comparison between The Evil Within's in-game perspective and what the actual P.O.V. would look like.

When Video Game Perspectives Are Strange


Certainly brings back memories of this famous Doom meme image.

When Video Game Perspectives Are Strange


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    This doesn't take into account eye movement...

    I can see my own chest like in pics 1 & 2 if I look down, maybe if your a super chunky American with 20 chins you can't but normal people should be able to.

    Also that doom meme assumes the marine is running directly forward, clearly he is running slightly to the right following his out stretched arm holding gun. Running at enemies giving them your full width to aim at is never a good idea.

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      I looked down at my chest as soon as I read this and thought 'yeah, #1 looks about right'. Like @rkaycom said, the picture assumes you're always looking directly ahead.

      For the doom one though, if you're running to the side, your gun will still be on the side and not in the middle like it is in Doom. Your arm is never really going to be directly below your chin and aimed in the same direction.

    Oh no! You forgot the fps game where your floating in the air while carrying a gun..

    I found the POV weird in Killzone 2 (possibly 3 and Shadowfall, too... can't remember).

    Once you got up close to another person (ideally a friendly so you don't get shot in the face), you noticed that your POV was actually really odd.... either Sev was supposed to be a dwarf, of the POV was actually about halfway down his body. I.e. rather than bring the gun up to the camera, the camera was down where the gun was held.

    These are all pretty dumb. The first two don't factor eye angle as others pointed out, the third is just FOV and I'm not even sure what the fourth is trying to say.

    The Doom one just feels like whoever made it never played Doom. The only gun you can see the hand properly with is the pistol, and it pretty clearly is angled in from the left side. Compare this image with holding your hand out in front of you with a similar grip and the angle looks about right to me.

    wow. who gives a shit.
    its a video game for crying out loud.
    if you want realism, go for a farking walk outside.

      I don't really enjoy Outside, too many bugs. Plus I need to update my graphics card, the draw distance is really starting to drop off in the current build.

        yeah, i hear you on the draw distance front. my max RAM allowance only gets me to low settings on GTA V as well.

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