Where Big Medieval Battles Meet RPGs

Where Big Medieval Battles Meet RPGs

Mount & Blade, a game that can be both RPG and multiplayer combat simulator, is fun as hell (as are its expansions). Thing is, it's also a bit... janky. And that's being polite. The game's full-blown sequel is looking much slicker.

OK, so it's not Star Wars Battlefront or The Witcher 3, but considering the scale of the developer (and how flexible the game is), who cares. All the original needed was a bit of spit and polish, and that's definitely what I'm seeing here.


    Oh man, looks so much better, as much as I loved playing Mount and Blade, it often left a lot to be desired.

    +700 hours spent on Warband, can't wait to see what new feature(s) they're bringing to the table.

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    Looks awesome! Mount & Blade was always a definite case for gameplay over graphics, but it's nice to see it looking a lot shiner. Though, if I'm honest, I'd just as happily play another ugly Mount & Blade. It's so in-depth, but so much fun :)

    I hope they incorporate some ideas from the Warband modding scene like Diplomacy and pre-battle Tactics.

      "pre-battle Tactics"

      Alright men, you form a line from here to here. March forward and swing to your hearts content.

      - But, Your Majesty, where will you be?

      Me? I'll be all the way over in this here pavilion. I'll be wearing the most splendid battle armour that I'll in no way put to good use, other than looking majestic, golden, and shiny.

    Must remember - I do not have to kill every enemy....thats what my soldiers are for

      They can have some fun once I've run out of arrows, including the spares in the stash.

    Seems decent, voice acting is a bit lol but good placeholder for now. The Taverns and Streets do need general banter and chatter and perhaps random events the player can witness or interfere with.,

    Great game!

    However, if anyone is thinking of picking up mount & blade warband and its napoleonic war expansion, please be aware the Australian NW community is absolutely toxic.

    Harassment, mass bans on Australian servers if you happen to be in the wrong regiment.

    And the community implodes every 6 months, when the people who run servers chuck a hissy fit when people leave their regiment.

    Search any mount & blade forum and you will see threads telling you all about it

    I'm pumped, m&b warband was such an awesome game. I'd put in 5 or 6 hours with out even noticing.

    You get to craft and customize your OWN weapons to whatever you prefer?! I'm loving bannerlord already!!!

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