'Why Anyone Would Ever Play This Game Is Beyond Me'

Briefly: "Why anyone would ever play this game is beyond me." 542.9 hours played. You've probably seen a Steam review or two to that effect before. Steam Review Watch is an entire tumblr of them. Enjoy.


    Wait - is this even an article ... This is the guy who can manage to write up a page and half shitting on Star Citizen - but can't even properly explain a post.


    ohhh I get it. It's a tumblr collection of reviews about how terrible a game is and the large amount of time someone played it

    Its sunday, thats why we get these types of 'articles'. Its always slow around here on a sunday

    Why bother posting the review, and the amount of hours played, but not tell me what game they are reviewing.

    I think a while back, Luke said that they post these short-as articles on some internal Kotaku message board for staff only, and someone reposts them for the general public (which they aren't meant to be).

    That's the only reason I can think of for something like this to exist.

    You know, I often enjoy reading the occasional post of humorous steam reviews. And I do get a kick out of the ones that smartly point out all the negatives then say how amazing all that is. But this tumblr is boring and crap.
    Not to mention the article, which may as well just be "[link]"

    Last edited 24/08/15 10:31 am

    Seriously? Is the author of this article that butthurt he removed my comment? Grow a pair mate

      And he removed my original comment over a week later. What gives? You must have made sense ;)

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