Win! More Dragon Ball Z Stuff Than You'll Know What To Do With!

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' hits Australia cinemas tomorrow and to celebrate Australian distributor Madman has given us a massive set of Dragon Ball Z prizes to give away. How do you win? That's easy. All you have to do is go Super Saiyan.

But first the movie itself. It's showing in 69 locations throughout Australia. You can find out where and when at this website.

Now for the competition!

This is a list of what you can win. It's a sizeable list.

First Prize

Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection ‘F’ standee New York Comic-Con Exclusive ‘Scouter’ (Red) Dragon Ball Z – Complete Series 1-9 on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z Remastered Movie Collection on DVD Dragon Ball Z: Tamashii Buddies Figure Collection (Set of 6) Dragon Ball Z: DXF Movie Figurines (Set of 4)

Five Runners-Up

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z: Tamashii Buddies Super Saiyan Son Goku figurine

What do you have to do in order to win? It's simple. I want you to go Super Saiyan.

Remember that videos that went around a while ago? The one where people were trying to go Super Saiyan?

I want to see more of that! From you guys and girls!

So here are the rules: we want you to use Vine to upload a short clip of you going Super Saiyan. Why Vine? Mainly because it's accessible, simple and easy. Also because I want a more even playing field. Some of you are just way to talented with video content! I want everyone to have a shot at winning this!

So, use Vine on your mobile phone. Record a short video of you going Super Saiyan. Upload it. Drop the link in the comments below! It's that simple!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Terms and conditions can be found here.


    Question about this, it says you must be over 18 to enter, does who is in the vine video have to be over 18?

    I'm allergic to mustard so I hope I win

    Not something I care for, but my kids would love.

    My hair black. I want go super Saiyan! As in, joining the contest to win the


    I vote one for this guy:

    Better music:

    I'm not even sure what happened here...

    Oh god the shame.....

    Be aware, post a link to a file here, Sony then owns all the rights to that file. Its in the T&Cs. So it wouldn't be appropriate to moderate this message. I'm not saying anything that is not part of your legally obligated disclosure.

    Going Super Saiyan.

    I'm still cringing :/ thankfully my mother doesn't know how to use the internet

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