Winners! A Brand New PlayStation 4 Courtesy Of Until Dawn

Okay, I know I say this quite often but...

This was one of the most difficult competitions I've ever had to judge at Kotaku Australia.

There were so many entries and the entries were of such a high level of quality. It was super difficult to whittle the list down. I had to make a shortlist of the shortlist of the shortlist. I spent a lot of time judging these. It's your fault I didn't get any work done today!

Okay, a reminder. Here's what was up for grabs...

1st Prize

1 x Glacier White PlayStation 4 1 x Until Dawn Special Edition 1 x Until Dawn Prize Pack (T-Shirt, Heat Reveal Mug & Snow Globe)

2nd Prize

1 x Until Dawn Special Edition 1 x Until Dawn Prize Pack (T-Shirt, Heat Reveal Mug & Snow Globe)

3 x Runners-Up

3 x Until Dawn Standard Edition

Okay, now for the overall winner:

1st Prize


Okay — context. Jdub made a GIF. A fantastic GIF that was waaaaay too big to post here. Click on this link to view it. Pure genius.

2nd Prize


Okay this is also a GIF, but it was small enough for us to post. It also comes with a horrible story...

My entry is inspired by a true story. I finally bought a second hand PS4 last week, after abstaining and saving for serious life purchases, debts, etc. It's my first foray into current gen gaming. I got it home, and on taking a peek at my new score, I found a single bug on my PS4. I didn't think too much of it, tossed the bugger out of my clean, not-infested flat, and went out to work for a few hours.
When I got home later, I discovered three more roaches chilling out with my supposedly new PS4. 'Oh no' I thought, normally priding myself on sensible online purchases. In terror, I wrapped the playstation up tight in quarantine packaging conditions (the green package pictured). My only plan is to wait a month, maybe two, to starve them out, then to finally crack open my poor PS4 with a bunch of tools and remove the bodies.
Longtime reader, had to make a new account since i haven't posted in many years! #putmeoutofmymisery #reallifenightmare #scarierthanuntildawn

Really sorry we couldn't give you the PS4 you deserve Sarahmohawk!

3 x Runners-Up




I wish Kanye West was actually in Until Dawn.


Toilet humour.

Also, I want to give a big shout out to mrtoomuchsparetime who made this monstrosity. Seriously. This was unbelievable

Congrats to all the winners, we'll be in touch soon. Thanks to everyone who entered!


    that Deadpool one had me in stiches.... man thats just too perfect...

    Forgot all about this. Wow, those were pretty great.

    Hard to argue with these winners. I'm ashamed to admit how much I laughed at Hamish McBogg.

    Good entries by all, a bit surprised @mrtoomuchsparetime didn't win anything though! Can we crowd fund him something? Or do you guys have a game lying around the office? That's some pretty fantastic lip work right there :P

      Thought that was a solid winner too
      Easy better than the fucking cat gif. No offense to everyone but I've never found cat gifs entertaining in the slightest, letalone creative lol guess I'm showing my age

        what did it for me was the change in fears and traits. very clever. Plus i love me some funny cat gifs

    If @mrtoomuchsparetime sends in his details I'll send him something myself. That was sensational.

    Do you like alcohol, sir?

      Hahaha woww. @alexwalker, you are the finest of fine sirs. Amazing of you to offer. Alcohol is without a doubt in my top 2 favourite things. Should I shoot my details through Kotaku contact or just plop them in the comment section?

      Last edited 28/08/15 3:06 am

    I never thought a crudely-drawn penis would win me something good.

    Anyways, thanks for the competition guys!

      I misread the judging panel completely as i thought that would put you out with the laziness ;) well done lad

    I thought the competition said it had to be your own profile. But all but 1 were for someone else. Oh well. Congrats to the winners, awesome entries.

      I was under that impression too, but I guess by "your own stats" they just meant you need to create something rather than basing on yourself. Ah well, some very creative entries.

        Me three. I thought it was about your kotaku profile and then be creative with that

        Almost all of the entries were people using their own pics, so I guess most people thought the same thing. Probably would have been a pretty different competition otherwise.

        Last edited 27/08/15 5:33 pm

      Yes, as did I, considering the competition actually specified the rules using the second person pronoun "you" several times. And to think, all of 4chan could have entered. Happy at least that the cat one won though. Quite funny.

      I also thought this. Guidelines should've been more clear because then we'd all be poking fun at videogame characters or celebs (or cats). Didn't think the other weird entries would be counted so I didn't bother changing mine

      Similar thing happened with Alien Isolation too with the winning entry being Al from Home & Away when it was far more clear that it should be yourself

      Last edited 29/08/15 11:37 pm

    Yo, first place shoulda gone to Beyonce but whatever. Thanks for the prize. I look forward to being the greatest at this game.

    Lol i literally checked my gmail and my heart skipped a beat when i saw an email from kotaku but it was just a newsletter...
    Then coming to kotaku and see the winners have been announced... take my emotions on a rollercoaster why don't you?

    Woah thanks Kotaku! (definitely made my day a little better today)
    I won't be able to play the game for a while, granted the infestation problem, the ole PS4 is going to be quarantined for a long time yet. I'll be in touch if the insides of my PS4 are disgusting and newsworthy I guess? Haha

    Last edited 27/08/15 8:53 pm

      Yours was the most terrifying. But I'm just terrified of roaches.

    Three poops for prizes! slightly below the hip-hip hoor-poop!

    Aww yiss!!

    Thanks Kotaku! I've been borrowing the work ps4 lately to play Rocket League so I guess I can give it back now!

    Thank you so much!

    Thought the deadpool one was great :)

    I now feel justified in my decision not to enter, no way I could compete with those. Awesome work.

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