Winners! More Dragon Ball Z Stuff Than You'll Know What To Do With!

Time to announce the winners of our super stacked Dragon Ball Z competition!

The competition celebrates the release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' which, I'm hearing, is pretty damn good. Particularly if you're a fan of DBZ.

Anyway, the following was up for grabs:

First Prize

Dragon Ball Z – Resurrection ‘F’ standee New York Comic-Con Exclusive ‘Scouter’ (Red) Dragon Ball Z – Complete Series 1-9 on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z Remastered Movie Collection on DVD Dragon Ball Z: Tamashii Buddies Figure Collection (Set of 6) Dragon Ball Z: DXF Movie Figurines (Set of 4)

Five Runners-Up

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Extended Edition on Blu-ray Dragon Ball Z: Tamashii Buddies Super Saiyan Son Goku figurine

And the winners are...



Okay this is my winner. It was super creative. Also: Roscoe is totally allergic to mustard. BUT HE DID IT ANYWAY. That's how you win stuff!


Dr Curlytek





Thanks to everyone who entered! And we'll be in contact with the winners soon!


    Ha! My inability to get regular haircuts pays off big-time! Didn't involve any yellow condiments, which was clearly my downfall. Well done to all my fellow Saiyans.

    Can someone fan art us all as an elite Saiyan scouting troop.

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