Witcher 3 Gets The Last Bit Of Free DLC: A New Game+ Mode

Witcher 3 Gets The Last Bit Of Free DLC: A New Game+ Mode

Geralt of Rivia won’t be getting any more free DLC in his final adventure — but the last freebie is well and truly worth it.

It’s the much vaunted New Game+ mode, allowing you to go back and sink even more hours into Geralt’s final grand adventure without having to sacrifice all your hard earned weapons and armour. CD Projekt RED announced the release of the mode this morning through GOG.com.

“Starting today, you never ever have to say goodbye to Geralt of Rivia and the gang, and a whole new world of high-level loot and enemies awaits to truly bring out The Witcher in you,” CDR wrote.

“If you feel like you strolled through the game for the story before, this is your chance to turn up the difficulty, stock up on potions, memorise your signs, plan your attacks, and really feel the constant pressure of a monster hunter’s daily “routine”. If you can call it that.”

If you’re using the GOG Galaxy launcher or the website, the announcement page has instructions on how to pick up the free 16 bits of DLC, most of which is cosmetic in nature or bits and pieces of weaponry. Those on Steam can simply navigate to this page and install the bits of DLC you want individually.

So now that Geralt finally has his New Game+ mode, will you be restarting your journey from White Orchard all over again — or will you wait for the release of the paid-for expansion, something which CDR has promised will introduce an area larger than the entirety of The Witcher 2?


    • What’s the percentage of people who completed it?

      I was surprised to find that as of now over 25% of people have finished Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (although the game is on the shorter side to complete).

      • Are we talking 100% completion? Because I’m level 38 and I’ve done everything except for most of the Gwent quests. Gwent bores the shit outta me!

      • If it’s going on steam achievements who knows mine haven’t been working at all I don’t have the finished achievement and I finished the main story 4 days ago. Plus I’ve gone through about 95% of the quests.

    • i must be a rare one… i finished the game (main story and all side quests i came across and contracts… didn’t bother with gwent stuff and didn’t do all the horse races… didn’t do all question marks either)

      still… i classify myself as someone who finished witcher 3 and loved it… as soon as this DLC was announced I was looking forward to playing again as i didn’t want to start from lvl 1

  • That logic.

    If they don’t finish the game, then they have stopped playing.
    If they have stopped playing, it doesn’t matter what DLC comes out, because they have stopped playing.


  • I’m currently around 110 hours into my first play-through and doing the rough figures in my head, I estimate around 20-30 hours remaining before I finish the game. This mode might come in handy when I kick TW3 in the guts for another run before TW4 comes out, but until then, I can’t see me starting a new game any time soon. I’ve put so many games on the backburner to focus on Geralt, it will be time to move on.

    Having said that It’s a great thing to add in so A+ for effort.

  • I’ve been hanging for this for the last few months. Since finishing TW3 all single player games have felt empty to me. This and Exile mod for Arma 3 should tie me over until the expansion DLC is out.

    • It couldn’t have come at a better time. I just finished it and I completely feel you. I won’t be able to look at another RPG like Dragon age or Skyrim in the same way again. Other games seem to be hollow at the moment they just don’t have the level of content or if not content that feeling that each quest matters and isn’t just filler.

  • So, everyone who didn’t finish the game are all like, “ha no one finishes the game, anyway! I am justified in my decision to not like it as much as everyone and scoff at the hype for new features because i can’t percieve their value!” and people who have are all like, “cool”.

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