Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break Is Full Of TV Stars

Xbox Exclusive Quantum Break Is Full Of TV Stars

Quantum Break has been delayed a few times, but in addition to a bunch of new gameplay footage, we finally have a release date: April 5, 2016.

Gamescom provided more in-depth look at the game’s storyline, which apparently involves actor Shawn Ashmore (Jack Joyce) trying to reverse a time travel experiment by Aidan Gillen — yes, Littlefinger — that’s gone terribly wrong. (Are there times when it ever goes terribly right?)

The game also features Lance Reddick, which, along with Gillen, makes that two Wire actors in this one.

Here’s your look at the cast — remember, there’s a live action component to all this.

Sure, it’s not Alan Wake 2, but it looks pretty cool!


  • Ok, maybe it’s time to get a little bit excited about this game. I didn’t love Alan Wake and the trailers to this point were all too obscure for me to really get a grasp of what this game will be.

    It’s starting to look good though.

      • I might be missing something obvious here, but unless the exclusivity owner is paying loads for the exclusivity rights, doesn’t this just mean fewer possible consumers so less revenue? Do that many people go ‘well fuck it, I’ll just have to get a XBone to play this then’?

        • Exactly! From my point of view, releasing the game to the whole market would make you way more money then limiting to one, it just doesn’t make sense

      • After watching the Gamescom xbox presentation (I am that geeky) I think it will be windows 10 linked, so it only excludes PS4…….. And now the Xb1 is a DVR as well as a games system, and the links to Windows 10, to me it has the extra step ahead it was struggling to find against the PS4. The whole presentation pushed the windows 10 angle incessantly so unless you love a PS4 and a mac (I so hate macs) then most xbox games going forward are going to have the PC side too by the sound of it….

        • I could live with it coming out on PC eventually. Microsoft has done this with XBox exclusives before too.

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