Xbox One Controller Chat Pad Will Arrive In November

Briefly: A chat pad for the Xbox One controller will be coming out this November. Easier typing for everyone (who buys it).


    Had one of these for my PS3... it was... OK. I much prefer the PS4's gyro-typing!

      I had to google this to see whether it was actually a thing.

      Going to try it tonight. Might finally make that annoying always-on back LED worthwhile for me.

        I don't think the LED has anything to do with it. I have mine dimmed to the lowest setting and it still works. I think it works using the motion sensor in the Dualshock 4. I know I have to recalibrate mine occasionally because it gets a bit wonky. Definitely quicker than using dpad, but I sometimes like to play with both hands behind my head, which makes it a bit hard :-P

    Already using the "Stereo Headset Adapter" to stream audio to my standard headphones (basically when I watch Netflix at night and don't want to annoy neighbours/the mrs).

    I was hoping this chatpad would have the connection as well, looks like we're going to have to choose whether to chat or stream audio, pretty annoying :(

      that pic looks like the pad had volume controls on it, so it should do both.

        Saw those and wondered, did some googling but couldn't find anything concrete.

        If so that'd be awesome. Even though I shelled out $30 for the adapter a couple months back.... I would still probably upgrade to this for the odd occasion of typing.

      If you look to the sides it's actually a stereo headset adapter as well as a keyboard. I'm just hoping this time they bother adding Windows support for it. Would have loved the chatpad when playing PC games.

      Yeah, I'm using an adapter for audio too. And it's a permanent fixture on my gamepad, much like the 360 chatpad was last generation.

      If I'd known this was getting released, with what appears to be all in one audio adapter/chatpad - I might have waited. That said, I've had my headset adapter for around 6 months, I don't know if I'd have traded that 10-12 months of convenience to save $30.

      Either way, I'll be getting this.

      there looks to be audio controls on the chat pad. it seems like it would do the job of both (would be silly not to). Im looking forward to this though will make typing in Neverwinter so much easier.

    Awesome, been hoping they'd release one of these. I currently use my phone to type messages through the smartglass, but this will make things a lot easier :)

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