XCOM 2 Delayed To February

XCOM 2 Delayed To February

PC strategy game XCOM 2 has been delayed from November to February 5 of next year, according to dev studio Firaxis and their publisher Take Two.

Hello XCOM fans,

We want to give you an update on the release date for XCOM 2. We've set a high bar for the sequel and the entire team has been working hard to make sure we deliver a great follow-up to Enemy Unknown. We just need a little more time to make it the best possible game.

With XCOM 2, we want to have more depth, more replayability, and more investment in your soldiers and this extension will give us the time we need to deliver on our promise to you.

We appreciate your patience and continued support as we move towards February. Good luck, Commander!

-The XCOM 2 Dev Team

The delay is relatively short and is similar to the delay Take Two made for multiplayer shooter Evolve last year, bumping from Q4 2014 to Q1 2015. It's probably frustrating for fans but is to be expected. It's basically a late-Q3, early-Q4 tradition for some major holiday games to get delayed until the following year. There were a rash of these delays last year. We've actually seen a very small number this year. Last week, Ubisoft announced that the next Rainbow Six would see a slight delay but still be out in December before year's end.

There aren't any other huge strategy games slated for 2015, but there are a lot of other big games to be excited about. Check out our full rundown of the major Q4 2015 video games.


    *sigh* Ok... take your time... I dont want a botched Xcom 2...

    They're going to hold it back so they can do a simultaneous release with the console versions, just to amuse me.

    Thank the gaming gods! I felt really bad about having to ignore Xcom2 due to Fallout 4. Now I don't have to worry :-)


    Oh wait no, that's what I'm going to be saying when it comes out...

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