You Can Now Play Triple Triad On Your Phone

You Can Now Play Triple Triad On Your Phone

Sixteen years after the release of Final Fantasy VIII, Square Enix has finally released an official stand-alone version of its legendary card game, Triple Triad.

You can get Triple Triad right now on both iOS and Android by downloading the Final Fantasy Portal app. Both the Portal app and the card game — which you download inside the app — are totally free. You can build a collection of cards based on every Final Fantasy game, cycle through Triple Triad rules, and challenge both AI and human opponents — basically, it's everything you'd expect from a Triple Triad mobile game.

The catch? Well, since this new version of Triple Triad is free, and Square Enix needs its sugar, there's a stamina system that limits how often you can play. Every match costs a crystal. You can hold five crystals at once, and when you've got fewer than five, you'll gain one back every 30 minutes of real time. Or... you can spend real money to buy them. Because video games.

Still, it's Triple Triad! On your phone! Final Fantasy fans have craved this exact thing for years now, and now it's finally here.


    If this becomes popular I have less of a reason to catch public transport in order to avoid that theme song.

    Yeah cause its not like I havent wasted enough time playing Zells mother in Balamb farming for Marlboro cards for selphies ultimate weapon.........

    It better have the catchy music, or what's the point?

      I'm sure it would be. They gave Triple Triad in FFXIV the very same tune, after all (not remixed, either).

    I actually liked the card game in IX better, but i'm still down to give this a go :)

    Oh my god I'm about to cry from happiness. I spent so long playing this. Best mini game ever.

    Indeed best minigame ever :) tte was so much fun back in its day although partially due to the community.

    Surprised they took a page from the unofficial versions that have been around ever since and added new cards and rules. I'd have expected them to do just the laziest of ports.

    I have been wanting this forever. Downloading right now.

    OK, now we just need Namco to release the Xenocards CCG minigame from Xenosaga episode 1: Der Wille zur Macht as a standalone digital CCG. That was the best minigame EVER- it was literally a complete game in its own right included into this JRPG as a minigame. I spent almost as much time playing it as I did on the (fairly long) RPG itself.

    I hope they also add Sphere Break from X-2, I really got to like that game.

    In case any FF fans see this and want a mobile game that doesn't suck, I highly highly recommend Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Despite the premise (a mobile FF game that smooshes all the games together) it's super awesome and the combat is surprisingly solid and gets closer and closer to a "real" FF game with every update.

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