You Will Probably Never Hit A Shot In Battlefield As Good As This

This is the kind of Battlefield 4 shot you remember for years.

I've got Counter-Strike mates today who still remember that one crazy round or match we had eight or nine years ago. The one where people broke out of their skin, so to speak, the ones where everyone had to stand in awe of their greatness.

If I hit a shot like this? You better believe I'd remember it until the end of my days. Look at that line-up. LOOK AT THAT LINE-UP.

The luck in getting this many people to line up at once is extraordinary. I still don't think I've ever hit a triple once.

Doubles, sure. Everyone gets those even with assault rifles at one stage or another. But three? That's special. Four? Blimey.


    You... you didn't embed the gif directly in the article.

    Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

      what is this text on the page. What do i do with it. What does it mean.

      I agree, thanks for linking to it. The gif is 61mb (about 4% of my mobile data quota), the video 11mb. Why upload a gif at all?

    Whatever happened to linking to sources????
    Here is a secondary source -
    I can't find the original if it is posted on the players channel -

    Reminds me of when i played BF3 Online and quick scoped the final kill in Team DM from a couple hundred metres away, it was great =)

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