Zombi Glitch Summons Unusually Athletic Zombie

Zombi Glitch Summons Unusually Athletic Zombie
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Today on Highlight Reel we have a Fallout character trapped painfully betwixt life and death, CQC in Metal Gear, terrifying mime zombies and much more.

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  • After seeing this running on PC, I was stunned how much of a downgrade it was from the Wii U. The ‘muck’ filter over the camera for instance, how ‘clean’ it looks on pc in comparison. It just doesn’t look right at all???

    • I think it comes down to personal preference because I wouldn’t call removing that muck filter a downgrade. Things like lens filters and film grain seriously drive me up the wall. But interestingly, the people who took care of the port had replied to someone mentioning this very thing on the steam forums, and this is what they had to say on the matter:

      “We had a meeting this morning to discuss certain points and one of them addressed exactly this question! Shortly after launch a bunch of people asked this question at various places (Facebook game page, Steam game page discussions, etc). Turns out there are 2 specific reasons:

      1 – since your character isn’t wearing glasses it just seemed stupidly out of place, frankly.

      2 – this is a little more important: That effect messes with other effects in the backend coding, it is hard to make it “talk nice” and overlay properly with other effects. Mainly it degrades the global lighting system and can greatly effect how light plays throughout the environments. Too much of a sacrifice for that one effect.”

      Also, the game now runs @ 60 FPS on PC instead of 30 FPS on other platforms, which to me is infinitely more playable. Even if I was a fan of the lens filter effect, I’d still happily lose it in place of 60 FPS. I guess it could’ve been a good compromise to include the filter as an option, even if it did cause problems with other effects in the backend coding. I don’t know, you can’t please everyone. Someone always dislikes the decisions that are made 😛

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