11 Minutes Of Metal Gear Online Being Insane

If, like me, you've been spending the last two weeks playing Metal Gear Solid V's single player, you're most likely interested in finding out how Metal Gear Online looks.

Here is your answer: it looks good. Really good.

Our very own Richard Eisenbeis spent a good amount of time with the game over at Tokyo Game Show. He was impressed and now I can see why. This looks insane.

I have no idea how all these disparate mechanics are going to work in the wild. This game could end up being complete chaos. Whether or not that chaos will be enjoyable or not? My guess is yes, but MGO has never really stuck with players for some reason. Maybe this is the one that'll finally make it happen with players.

Metal Gear Online goes live on October 6.


    Metal Gear Online goes live on October 6.
    Massive server issues will make Metal Gear Online basically unplayable between October 6 and October 15
    With the release of the 3rd major patch, Metal Gear Online will be actually playable on November 2

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    Not on pc till january. :(

      are you serious!? that's terrible

        Yeah, and aparently no in game party feature.
        So making a match with mates might be a bit hard.
        Hopefully they change there mind on this.

    80% of online games are only good in theory. In practice, they're full of kids who just run N gun, shouting and blowing things up nonstop. So many games have the potential to be amazing online, but people are idiots. Everyone wants to be Rambo instead of playing tactically.

    They should have fprgotten about any sort of MGO and focused on even more SP content.

    LOOK AT ME OORAH IMA SAVD THE DAY! *gets killed*

    If it's anything remotely like the actual reality of the infiltration 'multiplayer' in Phantom Pain, and not some pre-setup gameplay trailer...

    Then it's going to be rocket launcher spam, and nothing but rocket launcher spam.

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