12 Years Later, Forgotten RTS Classic Gets New Expansion

12 Years Later, Forgotten RTS Classic Gets New Expansion

Everyone remembers Age of Empires and Age of Kings, but nobody ever talks about their spin-off sibling Age of Mythology (which I think is a better game!). Ah well. Maybe they will now, since the Steam re-release of the game is getting a brand new expansion.

Age of Myth — which was released in 2002 — focused on three factions, based on the Old Gods of Greece, Egypt and the Vikings. It got an expansion a year later, introducing Atlantean stuff. Now, over a decade later, it's getting another side to play as, as part of an expansion called Tale of the Dragon.

New, original content! For a game that came out in 2002! Awesome. Based on Chinese legend, Tale of the Dragon will add a nice change of scenery to the game, drawing on stories and heroes that may not be as familiar to a Western audience as Zeus and Odin.

Below is the trailer for the game's Steam re-release, in case you haven't seen the changes made by the new team looking after the series (they also put out the Age of Kings re-release).

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    I have to agree - Age of Mythology is the best RTS out there!

    ... it seems that I'm gonna have to get this!

    I don't know anyone who loves RTS games that doesn't love AoM. There is still a massive fan base, big enough to warrant this expansion. The author might be out of touch with his generation.

    I played this a lot when it was relatively new, and loved it. It's in my Steam account, unplayed, but this new expansion is going to get me back into it. Just like The Forgotten will get me back into AoE II, apparently! (Pile of shame.)

    Ha! I'm going to play AoEII HD too.
    Maybe this weekend, yeh once get a break from the kids and studying for exams next week.

    I was told it was awful by a couple of Age of Empires 2 fans.

    That being said I never stood a chance against them and one was a really poor sport about it. We had a gentlemen's agreement not to pick on the noobs (me and a few other friends) until after a certain time had expired, the other super good player was dead or we attacked first so we could at least have a bit of fun building up.

    Of course he violated that agreement all the time by accident. So when the game changed to C&C we violated the Gentlemen's agreement by hitting him with all the super weapons on cooldown. 8 player every man for himself style. Other tactics included I'm not after you I'm taking out the Green guys army, Green guy isn't after you he's taking out my army, shame your base is in the middle of us. And a coordinated anti power plant air strike.

      What about using chinnooks, each loaded with 5 engineers in original C&C..

      Worst. Humans. Ever.

    Man, I remember how impressive those water effects looked back then. I was mesmerised.

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