15 Minutes Of Total War: Warhammer Going To War

Do you think that's too many 'wars' in the headline?

Nah, she'll be right.

Total War: Warhammer is somewhat of a dream project. It's one of those 'WHAT IF' video games.

No we're able to see 'what if'. Now you can watch 15 minutes of 'what if'.

I think this 'what if' is shaping up rather nicely.


    Is that Lionheart playing the game?

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    It should have been called Total: Warhammer or as I call it Waaaghhammer

    I know I'll love this but at the same time I'll feel guilty supporting games workshop.

      I'll feel guilty supporting Creative Assembly. Their track record for recent Total Wars hasn't been stellar.

        It hasn't? Attila was good, Rome 2 was not so good at release, and shogun 2 is considered to be one of the best in the series.

          Rome was the one that soured for me. Shogun 2 was great but Rome 2 was pretty below average until they released the Emperor update after a year. Attila was billed as a new game but it's basically just an expanded Rome 2, which rubbed me the wrong way.

          I hope that Total War: Warhammer is great. I love Warhammer and I sincerely hope that CA doesn't screw it up like Rome 2.

    Finally a Warhammer computer game that seems to play similar to the table top game.

      There's been a couple Warhammer games on PC that are pretty much Warhammer tabletop simulators like Final Liberation. I think that was one of the first games I ever owned.

    2 minutes into the video - "Thats an interesting formation.."
    5 minutes into the video - "Yep, entire formation falls apart..."

    Warhmmer: Dark Omen, is still the best Warhammer fantasy PC game to come out so far. This game looks pretty interesting. I am intrigued now.

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