A Closer Look At Street Fighter V's Rashid

We recently posted a video showing the new Middle Eastern fighter in Street Fighter V, Rashid. But, being at a game show and filmed on a phone in the middle of a crowd, the footage wasn't all that hot. Now that Capcom have released an official trailer, you can see it in all its proper glory.

Behold, the breezy beatdowns of Rashid:

He looks quite well-rounded as he beats the hell out of Street Fighter talisman, Ryu. Here's hoping Ryu gets some revenge in the story.

Because we all play Street Fighter for the story, right?


    I don't think voice really matches the character tbh. Looks fun to play though.

      Agreed. American accent on Middle eastern guy? Hope they change it

    Love the new game and I'm really excited. I like this character too.
    I'm a sagat player though haha

    The art style has improved a lot. Just not digging the thick wax-style for some effects. And their feet are too big.

    Provided his moves aren't charge moves then I'm in. Strangely it looks like he plays like an SNK character,which definitely isn't a bad thing.

      Capcom seem to be moving away from charge moves for Street Fighter V, even going so far to change the moves of previously heavy charge characters to quarter-circle motions. The only character who still relies on charge moves is M. Bison, and the charge time is tiny.

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