A Quick Look At Rashid, Street Fighter V's All-New Middle Eastern Character 

A Quick Look at Rashid, Street Fighter V's All-New Middle Eastern Character

Street Fighter V's already added a bunch of new looks, features and redesigns to the next chapter of the fighting game franchise. But Capcom's not done. They just showed off a addition to the World Warrior roster last night.

The new brawler's name is Rashid and, from the quick glimpse in the video from EventHubs, he appears to have wind-based attacks. After Necalli, Rashid's the second totally new character to join the game's ranks.


    A Saudi ninja. At least a NEW character & one who is highly original in terms of skill sets in an SF game.

    This new character has actually gotten me interested in what they might be doing with the game after SF4 was basically SF2.75 recurring.

    Wait.... Wasn't this basically released on September 11 for Americans? Oh boy someone's gonna misinterpret this badly

    Whenever I watch his trailer, I can't stop imagining Space Dandy. I know they're both done by the same voice actor, but the voices are so similar.

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