A Silly Suggestion For Your Copy Of Metal Gear Solid V

Metal Gear Solid V comes out today and a large number of the people reading will most likely be buying it. Here's a friendly suggestion for when you get it home.

Personally, I will not be doing this. As much as I love Kojima and his work, it's always bothered me a little that he puts his name on the box. Hundreds of people worked on this game, not just Kojima. Video games are, more than any other medium, a proper team effort. Kojima's name has value as a brand and that's probably why it's usually put on the box, that and its penchant for imitating cinema, but I never really saw the big deal with his name being removed from marketing. It's part of a bigger picture battle between studio and publisher — I get that. But yeah...

At least the whole kerfuffle has resulted in some hilarity from JB Hi-Fi. That's been the highlight of the whole situation for me.


    Ugh, writing it by hand? At least print out a new one with his name properly photoshopped in.

      Surely somebody has already done this in a professional-looking manner and uploaded it to the net somewhere for everybody to print off and use?

      Incidentally, this does remind of of a brief period... I think it may have been early-ish in the PS3's lifespan? - when Sony released a few games with reversible covers. The standard box art on one side, or you could pull it out and flip it over and put it back in to have some alternate (usually nicer-looking) box art. That was nice, I would have liked to see that take off with a lot more games / publishers.

        Im sure others exist but saw this first and thought it was great.

      It's not about the quality, it's about sending a message.

    Clive Barkers "Clive Barkers: Jericho" by Clive Barker?

    I'm kinda curious now if it was Kojima that biffed off Hayter for Snake's voice or Konami's decision to replace him. Waiting on that PC fan dub mod. Placing bets! First year? Second year? Fan effort or Hayter doing it himself and taking yet another paycut to voice Snake? XD

    I don't mind that Hideo Kojima puts his name on it - it's his brainchild and love and life's work. It's not that different to Spielberg or Scorsese or Hitchcock, really, putting their names on their films. Ownership like this is important, and Kojima's never pretended he made the entire games on his own.

      Hell, I think the only reason he does it is because those guys did it. He credits the actual characters in the Metal Gear Solid intros just so he has something to put up on the screen there.

        Fair enough though! Man, if I made something totally badass I'd want my name on it so suckers would know! :D


      Kojima's a movie nut. He loves film, and he's expressed interest in the past in taking a shot at directing himself, and I think the way MGS works is very much akin to a film in a lot of ways. This is his way of expressing that. Some people take stamping your name on something as maybe a little egotistical, but I don't think Kojima is in the slightest.

    As much as I love Kojima and his work, it’s always bothered me a little that he puts his name on the box.

    It seems like shameless self promotion to me but I think it's just because it's so uncommon. I think it would probably be a positive thing if more people started putting their names on the box. We barely give the studios that make the games credit. The Unreal engine tends to get a better placement. The platform BIOS, publisher and component obligations get the unskippable splash pages, then everyone either skips the studio/team pages or they're at that 20 second mark where they've stopped paying attention and just want to get the damn game started already.
    Beyond that when the studio does get credit it's not usually linked to anyone in particular. A studio may have the same name and logo it had 20 years ago but the team and the direction behind their games can massively change.
    It's a big part of why it's so easy to lay off employees by the truckload and why publishers have so much leverage against the talent making the games. Imagine if writing Mark Serrels on a box actually made people pay attention. Not only would it be harder to fire Mark as the lead designer but he'd be able to say 'well, if you fire my programmers and make me start with a team of cheaper newbies on the next project I'll quit and you'll lose something that's actually worth money to you'. Kojima may do this to imitate the films he loves but I think it's been a really positive thing for the series behind the scenes and it's done wonders for his career.

    Sure it's a team effort and it's important to recognise that but there are key roles in development. It sounds dumb but I think putting those names forward reflects the team effort much better than a studio name that can be brought or restructured into something completely different without anyone noticing.

      Absolutely. Many people may have made the game, but by putting his name, his brand on the box, the thing that fans recognise and respect - we all agree that somebody made it, and not some supercomputer at Konami.

      I mean look at the Call of Duty debacle a few years ago: the actual original creators of the Call of Duty series; the formula that made 1,2, and 4 absolute classics were fired. Us gamers all noticed, but Activision knew - the average Joe just don't care and CoD still sells even as we complain about its decline in quality.

        Yeah, that was pretty crazy. I mean for better or worse Call of Duty 4 influenced an entire generation of console multiplayer shooters and played a huge part in selling online gaming to console players. Pretty much every game in the genre followed their lead and yet they're most famous for how they messily they were fired (if Activision weren't such douche bags about it them getting fired probably wouldn't have made headlines at all).

    This thing with defending Kojima's name and "taking a stand" as if it's some sort of big political and moral move is just incredibly embarrassing.

    I'm firmly braced for the insane amount of MGSV articles about to flood through Kotaku. I'm taking bets on how many a day/hour/minute/second. Also I foresee at least four MGSV game clips on a future Highlight Reel.*

    *This is no way a stab at the game or Kotaku's journalism. It is simply an acknowledgement of the amount of hype this game has had, that even I, a person who has no interest in Metal Gear Solid, felt. I'm sure it's a great game and hey...maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon.

    For the record, "A Hideo Kojima Game" still appears on the startup splash for the PS4 version, nice try konami

    I feel sick! :O
    I could never defile a game cover :\

    Here is one to print but its only the front though


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