Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Announced by Capcom, the newest numbered chapter to the Ace Attorney series takes our favourite lawyer, Phoenix Wright, to a land where there are no defence attorneys and the courtrooms have magic mirrors.

After the prequel story featuring Phoenix’s ancestor battling wits with the world’s greatest sleuth, the stage of Ace Attorney returns to the present with Phoenix in an as-of-yet unnamed Eastern country.

According to released information, the theme of this new game is “courtroom revolution”. Through a series of events, Phoenix is forced to defend his tour guide in a foreign land with a vastly different court system than Japan’s. According to the developers in an interview with Weekly Famitsu, in this country, the courts have prosecutors but no defence attorneys.

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Images released show a courtroom with a giant octagonal mirror in the floor. Apparently, the court process involves the use of this mirror in some manner.

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

The character design of Phoenix has been upgraded, showing Phoenix as a full-fledged attorney who has grown into his own. Whether Phoenix’s regular sidekicks will make an appearance or not is unknown.

Ace Attorney 6 Sounds Rather Unusual

Ace Attorney 6 is scheduled for release on the 3DS. A playable demo will be made available at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Pictures: Weekly Famitsu

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