Ace Attorney 6 Was Just Announced

Ace Attorney 6 Was Just Announced

Well, Capcom is making a new Ace Attorney game. To be more precise, it's making the sixth Ace Attorney in the main series.

Details are scant, but according to Famitsu, the latest numbered entry will feature a new game system that enables quicker gameplay. The game will be playable at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The previous entry in the main series, titled Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies, was released in 2013. In case you missed it, read Kotaku's review.

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    There's kinda two games from the series that we're still waiting on for release...

      It's that game where one of the major gameplay advances is the ability to walk right?
      also forgot about the most recent one with sherlock, so yeah, that one too.

      Last edited 01/09/15 11:41 pm

    Purple magatama logo... could it be?!
    The return of Maya! \o/


    Last edited 02/09/15 12:48 am

      Let this train never end shane! NEVER. Other articles are saying this one is already confirmed for english release too!!! Soooo nowwww...

      *continues to wait patiently for english announcement for Great AA*

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