After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different

After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different

When Cammy was first shown in Street Fighter V, people online in Japan were not happy with the character's appearance. Now they are.

As website Hachima Kikou noted at the time, Cammy's SFV character design was called "exceedingly ugly" online in Japan.

After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different

Sporting more angular features, the character did appear different from her Street Fighter IV incarnation (below), which had large eyes and rounder features.

After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different

As you can see in the E3 trailer's YouTube comments, many English-speakers appeared happy with the character's design.

Reading through the Hachima Kikou comments, some people felt the design was tailored for Western players and not Japanese players. "This looks like a face aimed at foreigners," wrote one commenter. Other wondered if Japanese people were even making this game. "This is awful," chimed in another.

The latest screens, however, show a Cammy that appears closer in appearance to her Street Fighter IV version, with larger eyes and rounder features. Obviously, Cammy's pre-order outfit is different, but ignore that. Focus on her facial features and the ways it appears tweaked.

After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different
After Complaints, Street Fighter's Cammy Looks Kinda Different

Online, commenters praised Capcom for Cammy's "cute" character design, saying they would now be buying this game.


    I've never really understood Ashcraft's "Whining Asians" articles. What's the point of them? Take a small section off a chan style site and throw it up as "Lol, foreigners are never happy"?

    I know this one has some point as they actually changed something but they always have this weird vibe to them.

      He either has an anime fetish, or a fetish for asian girls. But it is creepy and the articles are mostly terrible, I don't understand why they let him post either.

      Fetish is maybe the wrong word. Obsessed with Asian culture? I don't know. Still creepy.

      Last edited 02/09/15 11:00 am

        I was under the impression that he lived in Japan (based off various articles he has posted in the past) so he has an "ear to the ground" so to speak....apparently.

          Ah yes, That would seem to make a little more sense! I stand by my obsession comment though.

      He lives in Japan, is married to a Japanese woman, and has two half-Japanese children. Back in the days when Kotaku was managed by Brian Crecente, he and the others would often talk about their personal lives a bit more. You may notice also that Ashcraft's articles often focus on issues beyond straight games, and show other parts of Japanese culture and what the average Japanese gamer is thinking, which is sometimes refreshing, sometimes "whining" like you put here.

      See the books he's written on Amazon:

      Note that the first book in the list, Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool, is co-written with his wife.

      So, this is not to excuse the articles, but to give some context. He's in touch with Japanese gamers and otaku and what they like, and he writes about it. "Whining Asians", as you put them, are the reason Cammy's changed her look. I'd rather know the reasons why she's changed than not, and he has the info. So I'll read his article.

      I've never really understood "Whining commenters" on Ashcraft's articles.

        Maybe you don't actually have a fantastic grasp of the word "content", then - seeing as people usually cite the complete lack of it as a general reason why they dislike his writing - there isn't enough of it for the reader to gain a three-dimensional perspective. I feel like, this is quite an easy perspective to understand once you cross-reference the complaints with the articles in question.

        I remember an article he wrote a few years ago about being an expat living and working in Japan and the working culture over there. It was quite an insight.

          Most of his articles are "here's my point, here's why it's right, the end."
          This article should have had the obvious "However, Cammy is not a Japanese character, so it seems silly to make her look Asian.

    I don't like the shade of blue they used. Pls use #3366FF and not #0066FF thx.

    I think I prefer the previous face. Much more distinctive. The new iteration is so generic it could be any number of characters.

      Word. Going the way of modern anime - all you need to do is recolour the hair and you've a new character.

    Meh, new Cammy looks okay. I still prefer previous Cammy, she looks more badass and calculated. Also will new Cammy still have those killer muscular legs?

    Pfft, who cares about Cammy, SFV is all about Hot Ryu.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/1410526330405388580.jpg

    Hot hot right now.

      It's ironic that "hot" Ryu is really "western-looking Ryu" (look at his eyes) but nobody complained about that, I wonder why? (the best explanation is that otakus care only of female character design ;) )

      Last edited 26/09/16 6:20 am

    The weird eyes do look weird. Kind of like single aqua hue instead of green, and her eyes look like she had a late night/is doped up(bigger iris is a sign of attraction/looks better too). Blonde eyebrows can look weird sometimes and so girls often draw them on. It's kind of weird because she even looks a bit androgynous in it, but if you cover up her eyes/eyebrows she looks fine. Her skin is a bit pasty vs the tanned alternatives too, but that's not a big deal(I think she's been pretty pasty in previous SF's).

    It's weird that Japans idea of attractive is "looks more like a baby".

      To me she looks more like a woman (girl, to be precise), the previous one looked like a man, I cannot believe how straight men (westerner or not) could find "her" attractive.

        You're having difficulty understanding how someone might have a different idea of physical attraction than you?

        This is what you're having trouble with?

        Oh dear.

          Sure, anyone can like what he wants, my comment was a provocation to that user that said that she looks "more like a baby".

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