After Many Years, The Witness Is Finally Coming Out

After Many Years, The Witness Is Finally Coming Out

The next game from the creator of Braid will be out on January 26, 2016. Even the repeated numbers of the release date (0126•2016) are like a puzzle.

Jonathan Blow's last game was a bonafide video game classic, one that helped ignite a whole wave of independent, small-studio creations. Braid came out in 2008 and Blow's been working on and showing The Witness shortly thereafter. It even had a planned release date of 2011 at one point. At long last, we finally know when the ambitious adventure puzzle game will be out on PC and PS4.


    Is it just me, or is there a strong Myst/Riven vibe with this new game?


    Also, was it always going to be available on PC? I thought it was meant to be PS4 exclusive.

      I thought I saw a recent interview about that too... but looks like that has changed. I'm glad. I need something more like Talos Principle to sink my teeth into on the PC.

    Oooh this looks awesome! The art style is so pretty.

    Did anyone else notice the second last shot panning to the island is a sideways praying man?

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