After Three Years, Diablo 2 Gets A Mod That Makes Everything Harder

I was talking to a friend once when she revealed to me the depth to which her life had become consumed by Diablo 2. It turns out there is a massive community of people obsessed with the harder difficulties of Blizzard's action-RPG.

This mod is for those people.

Are you looking for a challenge, the ModDB listing asks. Do you want some new monsters and new abilities to conquer in your Diablo 2 runs? Has the crafting system gotten a little stale? Or maybe you just want some more optional quests to break up the flow.

Is Alive offers all of those. It's a mod which, according to the creators, "respects the original game" by tweaking the vanilla Diablo 2 experience.

"It doesn't make the game completely different, instead, it makes the game deeper, more subtile. You won't find any new or modified uniques, sets, runes, runewords. But you'll encounter new monsters, new crafting system, new locations, new gems, new quests, new challenges."

While the blurb says there are no new acts, three new locations have been inserted into the game's second chapter, while a 16-level Hell Realm dungeon has been added at the end of the game for those who don't find Is Alive's added difficulty punishing enough already.

"The world of Sanctuary is a darker place," creator ZOMB_ says. It's already dark enough, I'd venture. But if you're looking for something to break up the mould and you don't feel like retreading Diablo 3, Path of Exile or any of the modern aRPG alternatives once more, then you can download the Is Alive mod from this link. It's only a few megabytes, which isn't a bad investment to completely refresh the vanilla experience.


    Already had one called median xl?

      One? There were tons of D2 mods back in the dayt.

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