All Of Rocket League's Rankings Have Been Reset

Rocket League's 1.05 patch has just been released alongside a number of changes.

The most interesting? Rocket League's first ranked season has officially begun and all rankings have been reset. Ah, nothing like a fresh, clean slate.

A number of other changes have been implemented such as...

— PC players can now filter console PS4 peasants from the their game searches. — Spectate mode improvements — which bodes well for the growth of Rocket League as an eSport. — This is my favourite: they've finally added a 'Find New Match' option on ranked matches. Previously you had to go back to the front screen which was just... bizarre. — There is also a broader separation in ranked divisions. Divisions are now separated into: Unranked, Bronze I,Bronze II, Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, Silver III, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Platinum (Top 100 Players). That's going to make it a little better for top players I suspect.

You can get a full, comprehensive list of the changes here.

They're mostly good changes I think, and I'm really looking forward to starting ranked matches with a clean slate. That's going to be fun for a while.


    Top 100 players, holy crap, that's gonna be a competitive group!

    I quietly look forward to playing everyone else who will be down in the Bronze I group with me. :P

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