And Here's A Gamepad Made For The Apple TV.

And here's a gamepad made for the Apple TV. The SteelSeries Nimbus, available for $US49.99 alongside the new Apple TV in October, is apparently the result of a lengthy R&D effort. Good one, R&D. Perfect for when that little remote goes missing.


    is apparently the result of a lengthy R&D effort

    Must have taken ages to figure out how to get a PlayStation controller to mate with an XBox controller, let alone have it produce offspring.

    Ah man. I wish there was an industry standard for button labels and colors.

    That's the Xbox layout with confusingly different colors.

      Yeah? and why does it have up to 4 player?

      What games can this thing play? I thought Apple TV was so you can play fallout shelter and crap like words with friends?

      This controller seems excessive

    WANT! I'm gonna have to buy the version of Apple TV now :D

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