Angry Bird Movie Trailer Hits Way After The Fad Is Over

Angry Birds was incredibly hot, like, three years ago. T-shirts, toys and probably too many games... you couldn't escape the upset avians of publisher Rovio's hit series. And now that the public obsession has cooled to lukewarm, we get our first look at the Angry Birds movie.

The deal to make a movie out of Rovio's now-faded Angry Birds franchise was struck three years ago. That's probably why they were able to line superstar talent like Jason Sudekis, Josh Gad, Maya Rudolph and others. The trailer makes it seem like the movie's going to try and make real characters out the birds who just been a set of abilities. Angry Birds' glory days are behind us but the movie might be a surprise. Who knows?


    It's an indictment on journalism and the editor of this post that teenage fad word "like" is being used on a 'professional' website/blog within the first few words of the first paragraph

    Clearly I am not the target audience of this blog anymore

      This was my favourite: "make real characters out the birds who just been a set of abilities. "

      It's just a bit of humour man, maybe not the funniest thing in the world, but you need to lighten up.

        Ha I am lightened up - maybe its just a pet peeve but it drives me mad when I hear the word "like" all the time as if its a comma

        I was mentoring in a hackathon last saturday with some university students and I was disturbed when all I could hear from most of the male students was "like" every second/third word

          Oh common man, like chill out and like stuff and like yeah..

          Welcome to 2015. This is how we talk now.

          edit: oh man, it gets worse for you - it's legit, like, in the dictionary as an adverb!

          used in speech as a meaningless filler or to signify the speaker's uncertainty about an expression just used.
          "there was this funny smell—sort of dusty like"

          Last edited 24/09/15 12:51 pm

    Summer 2016? That's more than a full year from now.

    I see a raspberry award in this film's future

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