Pretty New PS4 Controllers Come In Pretty Colours

Announced last night at TGS, these upcoming new PS4 controllers are beautiful. I especially like the see-through controller (aka "Crystal") — it reminds me of my old-school GBC.

I can't decide if gold is tacky or not, though. Silver is definitely classy! Here's hoping these controllers come to Australia.


    Nice, glad I didn't go buy a controller the day like I was planning to (procrastination! Woohoo!)
    Personally, I'm digging the silver one.

    Give me a crystal console, and I will give you my firstborn.

      I used to have a clear xbox way back when. Loved it til my visiting mother asked why we had tupperware sitting below the tv. Couldnt look at it the same way after that

        Yeah but now you have a story that makes people laugh. Fair trade?

    Crystal XBOX Original was the best!
    Skeleton SEGA SATURN was awesome!
    Translucent Grape GB Color was sweeeeeeet <3

    I can’t decide if gold is tacky or not, though. Silver is definitely classy! Here’s hoping these controllers come to Australia.

    Just import them. The controllers should work or is there some DRM on even them that I've missed?

      No they will 100% work. I got a white one while I was in Japan and it works on my Aus console the same no fiddling at all.

    Oh looks amazing!
    I want the Steel Black one, and I think my missus would dig the gold one.

    It's like trying to buy a new Mercedes.

    "We have white, different shades of grey, and of course, champagne gold"

      "and this see through one which was originally a defective paint but it looks cool"

    I just picked up the grey '20th Anniversary' controller so I'll pass.

    Still, gold (tacky as it is) isn't too bad

    ooOOoooOOoooo I've already got 3 controllers, been tossing up whether to get the 20th Anniversary one or not. But might just wait till the Crystal one is out instead.

    Anyone that's had a transparent controller will know after a while all that dead skin and filth builds up and makes them look very dirty after a bit of use. It's amazing what is on even clean hands.

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